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Code enforcement needed in Williston

Williston Herald, Williston

The city of Williston recently announced that it has hired a new code compliance officer and will begin an increased effort to enforce city codes.

We applaud the effort the city is beginning and encourage city officials and employees to have the courage to make all local residents abide by the building, safety and appearance codes.

Nick Vasuthasawat will be responsible for enforcing the codes that have been passed by the city commission through the years. And Vasuthasawat is ready. He told the Williston Herald that he will “monitor and assure the codes, ordinances, regulations, policies, etc. adopted by the city are being addressed.”

And the work is much-needed.

At the newspaper, we have heard consistent complaints about city codes being ignored. Whether it’s people changing their landscapes and causing flooding next door or roads being built in an unsafe manner, when codes are ignored, others often pay the price.

Vasuthasawat will work with the Code Enforcement District Committee, which is made up of elected officials and city employees. The goal will be to identify people not following the code and use a variety of measures to enforce compliance.

We support the city and its efforts to make sure all codes are followed. The safety and well-being of local residents is on the line when too much leeway is given.

It is time to make the changes, and we will be watching to ensure they are.