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2013 plans could come to fruition

This past year might be considered one of planning and promise.

We look forward to the coming year where those plans and promises come to fruition.

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The projects being planned are huge. The CHS nitrogen fertilizer plant was announced in 2012 with studies, planning and negotiations continuing through 2013. A final announcement on the $1.5 billion plant is anticipated in the first quarter of 2014 with construction possibly starting later in the spring.

If it is built, and all indications seem to be positive, it will be the largest private construction project ever done in North Dakota and will trail only the construction of Garrison Dam in total size.

Other projects moved ahead as well in 2013.

Dakota Spirit AgEnergy broke ground in August but completed its financial arrangements in December. The actual construction is slated to begin in the first weeks of the coming year. The project is owned by Great River Energy and will operate in conjunction with its currently unused coal-fired generating plant known as Spiritwood Station.

The Spiritwood Energy Park Association, better known as SEPA, is a joint operation of GRE and the Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corp. SEPA is currently advertising for bids for the construction of a rail loop to serve the energy park including the ethanol plant.

Other projects are also in the study and planning stage including E-Nugget, an iron smelting plant planned for Spiritwood Township.

In the northern part of the county, Geronimo Energy received site approval for the Courtenay Wind Farm in late 2013. The construction of the largest single license wind farm in North Dakota is planned for 2014.

With all these projects, and likely a few more that might materialize in the next year, Jamestown and Stutsman County are positioned for an increase in construction, population and business activity during 2014.

These projects will create challenges. The influx of construction workers will place demands on housing the community may not be able to easily meet. The traffic associated with construction will create difficulties in some areas.

The future of Jamestown and Stutsman County may deliver great opportunities for area businesses and residents.

The year 2014 may be the year the planning of the past gives way to reality of a bright future.

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