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Have a safe and fun Run

The 36th annual Runnin O’ the Green on Saturday will bring hundreds, if not thousands of people to Jamestown for the 3-mile pub crawl. The event has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Camp Grassick, a summer camp for children and adults with special needs near Dawson, N.D., and the event has also brought millions of dollars into the Jamestown economy.

Have a safe time if you’re taking part, and be sure to pay the $10 registration fee to help support those charitable causes being helped by the Run.

The Jamestown Sun supports the Run and the runners for the money they raise to help this worthy cause, and wants everybody — participant or not — to stay safe on Saturday.

It’s important for participants, spectators and the rest of the public to remember that on Saturday, there will be an extreme increase in pedestrian foot traffic along the Run’s route, and many of these people could be impaired. An inattentive driver could be pulled into a tragedy if an intoxicated pedestrian stumbles in front of his or her vehicle. Injuries may occur if runners and pedestrians collide.

It’s also important for participants who try to make all 10 stops in the pub crawl to practice safe drinking habits. Keep track of the amount you drink and know the standard drink sizes, however, mixed drinks at a bar can have a varying amount of alcohol different from bar to bar and bartender to bartender. Pace yourself and sip slowly while including food and non-alcoholic drinks during the run. Most importantly, know when to say “no.”

Overall, the Runnin O’ the Green has become a Jamestown tradition because it raises money for a worthy cause, and it’s simply a fun event. The Run draws people together from Jamestown, across North Dakota and from other states. Some runners in the past have equated it to a high school reunion, where they get a chance to catch up with old friends as well as meet new ones.

The Runnin O’ the Green is a good thing, and responsible behavior and choices can prevent ruining a good thing. Have a safe and fun run.

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