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Volunteers are critical to community, organizations

Volunteers are critical to the community of Jamestown and the surrounding area, spending huge amounts of time caring for people, animals and community resources that might otherwise be forgotten. Without them, many organizations would be unable to function.

Volunteering is about the only thing the people featured in today’s “Making a Difference” special section have in common, aside from enthusiasm for a cause. Men and women, retired and teenaged, highly-trained and casual, they reach nearly every facet of the Jamestown community.

And there are countless volunteers in many other groups who also do their part to make Jamestown and its surroundings better, one step at a time.

They’re not in it for the glory, they’re not in it for the credit, and many of the volunteers in “Making a Difference” had to be persuaded to talk to staff writers for The Jamestown Sun.

And when they did talk, all the volunteers preferred to talk about their organizations, the good those groups do for the community and the hard work of other volunteers — in short, anything but themselves.

These volunteers do make a difference. This community wouldn’t be what it is without its volunteers, and we thank them — all of them — for their service.

And perhaps those who don’t volunteer may be inspired by their stories and take the initiative to volunteer for the first time.

We, too, can make a difference.

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