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Andersen, Gumke for mayor, City Council

The Jamestown Sun endorses incumbent Mayor Katie Andersen in the race for mayor and incumbent Ramone Gumke in the Jamestown City Council race that will be decided Tuesday.

While all four candidates for the two positions have experience and leadership qualities, we believe the two incumbents seem the most progressive and have worked to prepare the city for the growth that is expected in the coming years.

Mayor Katie Andersen has presided over the council during a period of high optimism for growth in the community. She has been consistently well-prepared and thoroughly knowledgeable about the challenges facing the city as well as its opportunities.

With a strong focus on business as a springboard for other types of growth, Andersen has been a zealous guardian of the taxpayer dollar and strives to target spending where it will be most useful. And when obstacles do occur, Andersen brings creative, yet analytical problem-solving to the table.

Councilman Ramone Gumke has provided the City Council with a progressive view concerning city operations. He has been an advocate for effective snow removal on emergency routes and across the community in general. While cautious with taxpayer money, Gumke has not hesitated to be proactive in hunting for solutions to the serious challenges Jamestown faces. Critical thinking is something every elected official needs, and Gumke has always shown himself capable and well-prepared.

The community survey for the Land Use and Transportation plan for Jamestown indicated the highest priority for residents was expanded retail shopping opportunities. While some will challenge the financial methods used to bring Menards to the community, the votes cast by Andersen and Gumke paved the way for the first major expansion in the selection of retail stores in many years.

All of the four candidates would work for the best interests of Jamestown. We support Andersen and Gumke for mayor and City Council.

(Editorials are the opinion of Jamestown Sun management and the newspaper’s editorial board)