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Bravo to the return of commercial air passenger service

The Jamestown Sun hands out these bravos and buffalo chips this week:

* Bravo to James Valley Pheasants Forever for organizing The Ultimate Nature Experience Camp at Crystal Springs, N.D., each year. The event gives young people experiences in outdoor activities like target shooting, archery fishing, boating, bird watching and more.

* Bravo to Tom Gould and the groundskeepers at Jack Brown Stadium who helped keep the field in playing order for the Class B state baseball tournament during a recent soggy weekend.

* Bravo to the return of commercial air passenger service to Jamestown. SkyWest Airlines began operating jet service to Jamestown Thursday, providing commercial air passenger service through the Essential Air Service program for the first time since January. Direct flights to Denver will be provided in 11 nonstop roundtrip flights from United Airlines each week between Devils Lake and Jamestown.

*Bravo that the Fargo Veterans Affairs Medical Center is at or near target for wait times for patients. The center’s goal is to see 70 percent of new mental health patients within 15 days and 95 percent of existing patients within 14 days. Problems have been reported at VA facilities nationwide that include long waits for appointments.

* Buffalo chip that Stutsman County is the 10th-highest county in the state for game and fish violations, but bravo to the enforcement of the rules that resulted in citations for violations. The North Dakota Game and Fish Department said in its 2013 Enforcement Division Review that the most common citation issued in 2013 was for hunting, fishing or trapping without a license, with 305 citations given.

* Buffalo chip to those residents in the Fargo area who didn’t clean up after their dogs, resulting in a community garden being shut down. Cooper Community Gardens volunteers are working to clean up the site in hopes it can be used next year. Dog feces left on the soil at the site over the winter contaminated it, resulting in the shutdown. Food grown at the location helped feed people through the local food pantry, along with others.

* Bravo to those agencies and organizations that provided the Bike Safety Rodeo for children this week in Jamestown. The James Valley Fraternal Order of Police, Jamestown Parks and Recreation, Central Valley Health District, Jamestown Optimists Club and Newman Signs teamed up to offer a safety course for children to ride their bikes through, bike inspections, free helmets and food.

* Buffalo chip to some scavengers during the cleanup week. Residents were able to discard qualifying items Monday through Thursday free of charge that were picked up by city crews. People who take items left by others keep more items from the landfill, and that’s great — but some left a bigger mess behind.

* Bravo to the student loan forgiveness program offered though the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) Occupations Student Loan Program coordinated by the North Dakota University System and the Bank of North Dakota. The program offers loan forgiveness of up to $1,500 per year for up to four years for college graduates in certain STEM-related occupations in the state.

* Bravo to the Watford City, N.D., community and others who have been helping victims of a May 26 tornado that struck south of the city.

(Editorials are the opinion of Jamestown Sun management and the newspaper’s editorial board)