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Bravo to July 5 fireworks display

The Jamestown Sun hands out these bravos and a buffalo chip this week:

* Bravo to the turnout of people at the Stutsman County Fair and White Cloud’s 18th Birthday Celebration and Tatanka Festival. Plenty of family-friendly activities were available for residents and visitors. Holding the events during the same time may have helped boost attendance for both along with the addition of the Murphy Bros. Exposition at the fair.

* Bravo to the July 5 public fireworks display at Jamestown Speedway. The display was threatened by rain but the show went on, and it was a colorful display.

* Bravo to Cpl. Nick Hardy of the Jamestown Police Department, who was recently named state D.A.R.E. director in North Dakota. Hardy’s been the school resource officer at Jamestown High School for five years and has taught D.A.R.E. lessons in the schools. Incidents have declined at the schools since the School Resource Officer program began in 2009.

* Buffalo chip to verbally abusive residents of Belfield, N.D., who prompted Cindy Ewoniuk, the city’s longtime auditor, to quit her job. Ewoniuk said she feared her health would suffer if she continued and specifically cited new residents who came to town for the oil boom as the cause. A video recording showed a man shouting expletives at Ewoniuk because his water had been shut off when he wouldn’t pay the bill.

* Bravo to the group of volunteers who will travel to Chimbote, Peru, to help poverty-stricken Peruvians improve their lives. While in Peru, the group will be working with the Friends of Chimbote group, a faith-based organization supporting programs that improve and transform the lives of poor people in Chimbote.

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