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Bravo to HOGS for hosting Bikers for Kids Ride

The Jamestown Sun hands out these bravos and buffalo chips this week:

* Bravo to David Kuhn, a blind man who is on an 11,000-mile, 18-month run to raise funds and increase awareness for cystic fibrosis. Kuhn began running for the illness affecting his granddaughter, Kylie, 12. Kuhn’s route will take him from Seattle to Bangor, Maine, to Jacksonville, Fla., to San Diego, Calif., and back to Seattle.

* Buffalo chip to nicotine-related insecticides widely used on crops for finding their way into the food we eat and the water we drink. A study by the U.S. Geological Survey found neonicotinoids — a new family of insect-killing chemicals exploding in use in the Farm Belt and a leading suspect in collapse of bee populations —in nine Midwestern rivers, including the Mississippi and Missouri. A study by Harvard School of Public Health found “neonics” in fruits, vegetables and honey purchased from grocery stores.

* Buffalo chip to the poor condition of The Grand Forks Campground. Pipeliners are moving into the RV park to work on a natural gas pipeline going through the Grand Forks area, and many have said the sewage system is poor, campsites are flooded and the electricity doesn’t work consistently.

* Bravo to the Jamestown Harley Owners Group Chapter 1955 for hosting the Bikers for Kids ride. The motorcycle ride aimed to support the Community Action Region VI Week End Back Pack for Kids program, which provides a backpack filled with nonperishable food items that will feed a child for a weekend for children in grades kindergarten through fifth grade.

* Bravo to Hans Kandel, an agronomist at the North Dakota State University Extension Service who is a specialist in broadleaf crops, for helping Ethiopian farmers increase their productivity without spending too much money. Kandel made the trip through Catholic Relief Services’ Farmer to Farmer program, which promotes economic growth, food security and agricultural development in East Africa. Kandel worked with more than 275 participants in nine subsistence farm groups and conducted three-hour training sessions that consisted of formal training and time in the field in each village in Ethiopia.

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