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Help the food pantry meet needs in area

The Salvation Army’s food pantry in Jamestown is in dire need of donations, and the community needs to take immediate action to help those in need.

Salvation Army Lts. Mitch and Teresa Brecto said several factors have contributed to, what Mitch Brecto said, was the greatest need for assistance he’s seen in all his years in Jamestown. These factors include children being out of school for the summer and not having access to the schools’ free or reduced-price meals, cuts in the federal food stamp program, and stagnant wages among a growing population amid a higher cost of living.

In June and July, the Salvation Army gave out about 21,000 pounds of food, but less than half of that was donated, with the Salvation Army having to supply the rest.

Mitch said monetary donations are the best way to help the food bank, as they are usually able to tap into a network that supplies pallets of food for as little as 12 cents per pound, and milk for less than $2 a gallon. However, he said, non-perishable food items are always appreciated as well.

Donations can be made directly to the food pantry at the Salvation Army building located at 320 1st Ave. N in Jamestown, or online at https://donate.

On Thursday, the Streeter Farmer’s Elevator issued a friendly challenge to the Country Grain Cooperatives in Eldridge and Cleveland to see which elevator could raise the most donations for the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army serves all of Stutsman County, and it’s great to see businesses in the county step up to help meet the needs of those who are hungry.

Imagine the donations that could result from other friendly challenges: between clubs, churches or businesses, for example.

Jamestown residents often take pride in their generosity, and this is a time when that altruism is truly needed.

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