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Spirit of Christmas is all around us

It is Christmas Eve, and the spirit of the holidays is all around us.

Many houses and yards are decorated for the holidays. Children and adults were heard reciting Christmas carols in schools and churches.

Many people will already be traveling to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Others will be making last-minute preparations for the holiday.

Christmas is a time for hope. It is a time when families gather. It is also a time when many people make time to do good things for the community.

Members of law enforcement agencies made Christmas more merry by helping 41 children and their families through the Cops and Kids program.

Many businesses and organizations have been holding food drives for the community food pantries.

The Community Christmas Dinner on Sunday served a free traditional turkey dinner to 471 people in the community.

Many people are helping the Salvation Army with its Red Kettle Campaign by volunteering to ring the bell at the Red Kettle locations.

Christmas is a festive time of the year, but we shouldn't forget why we celebrate the holiday. Christmas Day is a day when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

So, gather with your families, friends and loved ones and enjoy the holidays. May your Christmas be filled with hope and joy. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas from The Sun.

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