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Bravo to organizers of block party

The Jamestown Sun hands out these bravos this week:

  • Bravo to those who are helping with relief efforts in Texas after Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of the state.
  • Bravo to the Jamestown Public School Board and Jamestown Education Association for reaching an agreement on a two-year contract this week after being at impasse. JEA still has to formally vote on the agreement.
  • Bravo to a new program through the Federal Aviation Administration that will help commercial drone pilots operate near airports. The Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability will be in use at 50 airports around the U.S. in the fall, including Jamestown, according to the FAA. The program allows drone pilots to make requests to operate in controlled airspace, usually within 5 miles of an airport, and receive a response within 24 hours. Currently, commercial pilots are waiting up to a month to hear back on a request.
  • Bravo to organizers of the annual Community Block Party and those who set up booths to welcome new students at the University of Jamestown and residents. The annual event is a great way to introduce students to Jamestown and to connect with residents as well.
  • Bravo to the late George Barron. The Jamestown resident, who died at age 94 on Aug. 26, catalogued the graves of the cemeteries in Stutsman County and compiled a list of obituaries from The Jamestown Sun, The Jamestown Alert, and other Stutsman County newspapers. Those lists, among others, are in books at Alfred Dickey Library, available for people who are interested in genealogy research. To people looking for relatives, it has made searching for their obituaries much easier.
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