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Support Red Kettle Campaign


The community benefits by supporting the annual Red Kettle Campaign of the Jamestown Salvation Army, which kicked off this week. That support makes a difference all year long to people in need in the community, so consider donating money to help the Salvation Army meet its campaign goal.

The organization makes a difference for individuals and families in times of need with direct assistance, programs and spiritual support.

The annual cost to provide direct services to individuals and families can reach $250,000 or more, according to Maj. Tim Nauta, Jamestown Salvation Army. The 2017 fundraising goal was reduced to $140,000 after failing to reach $157,000 goals for two consecutive years.

A lower budget has resulted in fewer people receiving assistance. The Red Kettle Campaign is the primary source of funding for a year of programs and emergency relief for rent, utilities, lodging, prescriptions, assisting stranded travelers, meals and a food pantry.

Ninety percent of every dollar goes directly to programs and relief in Stutsman County.

The volunteer bell ringers for the Red Kettle Campaign will be at Cash Wise, the Buffalo Mall and Walmart every day except Sunday through Dec. 24. In addition to the cash donations at the red kettle, people can also send a tax-deductible check by mail to Salvation Army, 320 1st Ave. N., or online at

Helping the Salvation Army reach its campaign goal is a win-win for the community. People in need can receive assistance and the funds raised stay here to help them.

Support the Red Kettle Campaign and if you’re able, volunteer to ring the bell at donation sites.

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