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2018 wish list for Jamestown


With 2017 nearly behind us, it is time to look ahead at what we hope to see in the Jamestown area during 2018:

*Groundbreaking on the North Dakota Soybean Processors planned plant at Spiritwood. It has been in the financing stages since February. It would be a big boost to the area to see construction start in the coming year.

*A new store for the Buffalo Mall. The exit of JCPenney from Jamestown after nearly a century has left a large vacant spot in the mall and a hole in the retail roster. Another comparable type of retailer is needed in Jamestown.

*The city’s residential recycling program to begin. After a year of planning and delays, a February-March projected launch will be welcome.

*Normal precipitation. After many years of above normal precipitation and even some flooding, the summer of 2017 was abnormally dry in Stutsman County with extreme drought in western North Dakota. Normal would be a nice change from the extremes the area has experienced.

*Additional development in southwest Jamestown. The new road between the Menards area and Jamestown Regional Medical Center was said to be a catalyst for development in that area. Development sooner rather than later would be welcome.

*Construction of new industrial parks by the Jamestown/Stutsman Development Corp. The JSDC has a nice problem in that it has nearly filled its existing industrial parks along Interstate 94 and at Spiritwood. New industrial parks would create new opportunities for businesses to locate here.

*And foremost a peaceful and happy 2018 for residents. May the coming year bring residents joy, health and opportunities to make their lives and our community the best they can be.

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