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Politicians who want to cut Social Security are wrong

Politicians who want to cut Social Security are wrong

By Rande Zander, Mandan, N.D.

I doubt anyone in North Dakota has heard of Reid Ribble. He’s a Republican congressman from Wisconsin who is best known for scolding a Catholic nun for not doing enough to help the poor. Heckuva guy.

During the shutdown, Ribble sent a letter to Republican House Speaker John Boehner in which he proposed that the ongoing budget negotiations between Republicans, tea partiers and Democrats are a wonderful opportunity to go after Social Security.

According to Ribble, it’s a great time to raise the age for Social Security (and Medicare), cut benefits and slash the amount folks pay into Social Security to 1985 levels.

Remember what a gallon of gas was in 1985? It was a buck. A new house back then cost about $90,000.

In short, Ribble’s plan is to cut Social Security to the point where it withers on vine and dies.

North Dakota’s own tea party Congressman Kevin Cramer signed the letter supporting this nutty scheme.

I have a better plan to save Social Security. Toss Cramer and Ribble out of Congress.