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This week a time to appreciate educators, staff - Becky Taylor, Jamestown

To raise awareness about the critical need to provide every child with a quality public education, Jamestown Education Association is taking part in the National Education Association’s 92nd annual American Education Week celebration Nov. 18–22.

Jamestown Education Association is part of a nationwide effort to draw attention to American Education Week’s tagline, “Great Public Schools: A Basic Right and Our Responsibility.” The tagline represents NEA’s vision of calling upon all Americans to do their part in making public schools great for every child, so that they can grow and achieve in the 21st century.

Jamestown Education Association is taking time each day to recognize those who make our jobs possible and support all education of students.

Monday was the national kick-off day when we acknowledged all those who are educators in our town. This could be the bus driver who the students’ encounter, the lunchroom workers who make sure the meals are nutritious or the secretaries who keep us all in order. These are the people of education as well.

Tuesday we say thanks to the parents and supporters of our students. We know that without them there would be no education. We remember they are the first and most important teachers in student’s lives.

Wednesday is the day set aside to honor the educational support personnel of the schools. These are all those people who work behind the scenes to make sure education can happen. These are the janitors, the bus drivers, the lunchroom workers, secretaries and the para professionals in the school. They work with students every day to help shape them into the citizens we need.

Thursday is Educator for a Day. Could you do what a teacher does? Volunteer your time and see what an impact you can make on the young minds in our town. They want to learn about all areas of life.

Friday is Substitute Day, a time to give a big hat off to those who come in and cover when a teacher is sick or has training to attend. These people make it possible to keep our schools running and your children safe. We are forever grateful to those who follow this calling and do not know from day to day what they will encounter. They can jump in at the last minute and keep everything going without missing a beat.

Education is not just the job of the schools or the teachers; it is a process that takes the whole community. We in Jamestown Education Association hope you take some time this week to thank those who work so hard for the good of the youth of this town.

(Taylor is president of the Jamestown Education Association)