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Letter to the editor: Library is more desirable on former Essentia site

By Clarice Liechty, Jamestown

Is this Essentia property on 3rd Street and 4th Avenue Southeast going to be a place where we citizens of Jamestown, the county, and our future generations will drive by and say, “What a beautiful library and a great asset for the people of our community and for the area.” Or will it be: “Who were those council members who chose to designate this site for a Renaissance Zone project to accommodate Essentia Health in quickly selling its property, and MetroPlains for its housing tax credit project? It looks like they had no care for the continuing education and its livability for our citizens, for the young through the old.”

The Jamestown city’s vision statement reads: “To be the most desirable community to live, work, and play, supported by a proactive, efficient and transparent municipal government.” Certainly a library on this site would be more desirable than apartment building for MetroPlains.

Essentia’s mission is “We are called to make a healthy difference in people’s lives.” Its belief statements include: “We believe in having a meaningful presence in the communities we serve.” “Our highest priority is the people we serve.”

Because I at times get cynical about giving, I re-read the book “The Treasure Principle” about giving to remind me that faith and finances are inseparable. It is not just finances. It is making a better place for others. That we, in passing through this earth, are all just the middle-(wo)man — all caretakers.

I also read: “A good name is better than great wealth, compassion is better than gold.” It is a good name of our city that the City Council members will hold if they vote to reject this proposed Renaissance Zone. I would think that even the Essentia Health people would be concerned about their good name — concerned about the health of our community. One’s good name lives long after one’s own years on earth. “A good name is rather to be chosen over great riches and loving favor rather than silver and gold.” Proverbs 22:1. The council, Essentia and MetroPlains can choose having a good name, they can grant favor to the people of Jamestown and the surrounding area. Where is that good name? Where is that compassion?

The council will be voting “No” or “Yes’ on Dec. 2. Call them, and importantly, go to the meeting and tell them to vote “No.”