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Letter to the editor: Flying from Jamestown is not a prudent choice

By Thomas Olson, Jamestown 

There are barriers that make flying out of Jamestown airport not a prudent choice for many who would like to fly from our local airport. 

For example, a family member needed to book a flight on short notice. The flight pricing listed on Nov. 30 from Jamestown to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for a Dec. 2 flight to the final destination was $1,361. Booking to the same destination was priced at $472 from Fargo. Both flights used the same carrier and flight number from Minneapolis to the final destination.

So $889 buys a lot of fuel to get to Fargo, parking at the Hector International Airport in Fargo and the rest to shop in Fargo. I would bet one of the taxi services would drive to and pick a person up at the Fargo airport and still leave one with a lot of pocket change.

I also note a few days ago there was an announcement that flights by the local carrier were being cut back. This creates another barrier to those wishing to “Fly Jamestown.”

Makes me wonder if subsidies for air carriers really work?