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Letter to the editor: Republicans should do more for higher education in N.D.

Republican leadership in this state has failed North Dakota again, and this time they did it in the one area that will have a generational impact on all of our futures, higher education. According to Kiplinger (a respected business and financial publication that has existed since 1920), there are zero North Dakota colleges and universities on the “Kiplinger’s Best Values in Public Colleges” list.

With the massive budget surplus that North Dakota is currently experiencing, and will experience for the foreseeable future, North Dakota’s higher education should be leading the world. I am not saying that it should be free for everyone. But students who are born and raised in this state should not be going into debt to get an education.

If the Republican leadership would care more about its future citizens, and not the future of oil corporations, we would all prosper, and harkening back to Gov. Art Link’s idea of “When the Landscape is Quiet Again,” we would be leaving this great state better then we inherited it.