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Letter to the editor: Feeling of representing people is its own reward

By Ken Hall, Jamestown

I’d like to thank the person who took the time to send me a note in the mail asking me to put down my pen. I write letters to express my opinion about politics and current events. If you don’t agree with me, feel free to respond and point out that you don’t agree and why, as some people do, but don’t send an anonymous note using third-grade (no offense to third-graders) language to try to make me feel bad. I get far more compliments on my letters than complaints. Over my 30-plus years of public service I have had to develop a thick skin, so I can assure you I do not feel bad about writing anything I put my name on, and I will continue as long as I am able or we lose the freedoms we currently enjoy.

The writer also goes on to say that he or she hopes I run for public office again so he or she “can have the pleasure of kicking you off my property” if I come to knock on his or her door during the campaign. The person apparently has no common decency or respect for his or her fellow man. America would not exist if it weren’t for people who are willing to give up their time, money and talents to help others through government service. It might make the writer feel better to know that he or she isn’t alone. Of the approximately 3,500 doors I knocked on in Jamestown there were about five who were openly hostile and upset that I knocked on the door, so he or she can be proud to be a member of the 0.14 percent. Though I did not win my race, I can assure you that I would have served Jamestown proudly and stood up for what is right for Jamestown and our great state.

I congratulate and thank all the people who serve the public through their jobs, elected offices, or volunteer for local boards, committees and councils. Public service may not be the most financially rewarding career, but, in my experience, the feeling of being empowered to help and serve people is its own reward.

(Hall was a Republican candidate for District 12 in the North Dakota House in 2012)