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Letter to the editor: Because of hospice, mother’s last days were comfortable

By Lisa Wagner, Jamestown

My mother passed away Dec. 16 from metastatic breast cancer. She moved in with me on Oct. 7 from Florida to spend the last season of her life with my family, entering Jamestown Regional Medical Center Hospice care the day after her arrival.

Every part of the hospice team — nurses, certified nursing assistants, volunteers, chaplain and everyone — made my mother feel loved and cared for. My mother never once felt hopeless. They all made my mother feel as if she was their only patient and their top priority. I never felt like they were coming to do a “job.” Each member of the hospice team is doing what he or she does because it is his or her desire to make the last season of a person’s life filled with comfort, hope and love.

Because of hospice, the last season of my mother’s life was made comfortable and happy. It allowed my sister and I to be by my mother’s side when she drew her last breath. Hospice was not just there for my mother; its members were there for every member of my family too. Even though my mother passed away in December, hospice is still supporting my family through its grief support.

I want to thank JRMC Hospice for making my mother’s final days worth living. End of life issues are never easy, and Hospice made this journey easier.

I’d like to end with this: life is short. None of us know when our last day will be. Don’t live life filled with regret. Don’t live life filled with anger, bitterness or division. As a Christian this experience has shown me that we only have a finite number of days to show our love to one another. We can draw people to Christ or away from Christ by our words and actions.

An old hymn goes something like this: “They will know we are Christians by our love. We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord.” One in the Spirit — this signifies unity, not division. It’s never too late to say I’m sorry. It’s never too late to say I was wrong. Let go of grudges. Use the finite number of days we have to show Christ’s love to one another.

Hospice, thank you for showing Christ’s love to my family.