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Letter to the editor: Goehring will move N.D.’s agriculture industry forward

I support North Dakota Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring’s bid for the Republican endorsement for his position and his re-election. Goehring has constantly demonstrated his commitment to agricultural research and innovative production techniques.

As a livestock producer in North Dakota, my family is always seeking ways to improve our operation and make it more efficient. It is critical that we utilize the latest technology to enhance our productivity and the quality of our product. The livestock industry has made great strides in technology and production techniques that allow us to produce more pounds of beef with fewer feed inputs, and at the same time, improve the environment. It is vital that we increase the quality of our beef to meet consumer demands.

Goehring strongly supports research and new technologies, and we need to keep him as our North Dakota agriculture commissioner. He has experience, knowledge, passion for agriculture and the ability to work with people.

Goehring is the best, qualified candidate to continue to move North Dakota’s agriculture industry forward.