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'A PRETTY BIG DEAL': Wampler wins at Jamestown Speedway

Aberdeen's Ashley Wamper (24) overtakes LaMoure's Clay Getnzkow (32) during Saturday's heat races at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun1 / 3
Donald Robinson (14), of Underwood, N.D., and Jamestown's John Corell (5) ride the cushion around the top of Jamestown Speedway during an IMCA Modified heat race on Saturday. Michael Savaloja / The Sun2 / 3
Lisbon's Zach Reinke (22) and Jamestown's Aaron Michel (62) battle during Saturday's heat races at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun3 / 3

Don't tell Ashley Wampler winning at Jamestown Speedway is no big thing.

The 24-year-old Aberdeen driver realized a dream Saturday. She held off the pack for all 15 laps of the bombers feature, collecting her first career win here.

"This one I cried," Wampler said. "I cried all the way up (to victory lane) and I cried when I got out of the car."

Wampler is no stranger to winning. Currently in the middle of her ninth season in the seat, she already had a pair of victories at her hometown track in Aberdeen this summer.

But to drivers like Wampler, Jamestown is a different animal.

"This has always been the track to go to," Wampler said. "If you have a fast race car you come to Jamestown. A lot of people come up, and a lot of people (get beat)."

Wampler led every lap from the outside of the front row and survived a three-lap shootout at the end against Jamestown's Corey Jacobson and Kasey Ussatis, of Nome, N.D.

The trio crossed the finish line three-wide, with Jacobson up high, Wampler in the middle and Ussatis down low. Wampler edged Jacobson by the winning margin of .015 seconds and Ussatis by .106.

Ussatis is currently leading the track standings by six points over Marion's Cory Rodin, while Jacobson hasn't finished outside the top two positions in four consecutive races. Rodin was sent tail-end on Saturday after he was called for causing Wampler to spin in Turn 4 while attempting to pass for the lead with three laps remaining.

"I knew there was going to be some rubbing after I saw some noses getting closer," Wampler said. "I'm probably not going to fit my head into the pickup on the way home.

"It's a pretty big deal."

Jawaski, Carter, Robinson earn wins

How does one fly around the top cushion at Jamestown Speedway lap after lap?

"Don't look," laughed Royce Jawaski, the veteran driver from Horace, N.D.

Jawaski was the class of the field in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. He was the only driver to log a lap under 16 seconds (15.989) during the evening's feature races.

Jawaski used the very top of the track to find the speed he needed to hold off Lisbon's Nate Reinke. Jawaski started on the pole and led all 20 laps, while Reinke—the track's point leader—came from eighth to finish runner-up.

"We moved the link on (the car), and took some stagger out of it," Jawaski said. "We found something on it, but I don't know what we found.

"I knew if (Reinke) got by it was over, because the top was dominant."

Lisbon's Jonny Carter won for a second time in a row in the WISSOTA Street Stocks. He passed Jamestown's Kyle Anderson for the top spot on Lap 5 after starting third and set sail.

Jamestown's Dustin Erickson came from eighth to claim second, and he might have won had it not been for Carter moving to the top lane midway through the race. Erickson is the current points leader.

"I kinda knew that cushion was going to be there a little bit," Carter said from victory lane. "I didn't see anyone duck below me, so I figured that was a good sign that we made the right move."

Donald Robinson, of Underwood, N.D., led all 20 laps of the IMCA Modified feature from the pole position. Carrington's Rusty Kollman finished where he started in second as the race stayed green from start to finish.

Jamestown Speedway

July 15


IMCA Modifieds

Feature: 1. Donald Robinson; 2. Rusty Kollman; 3. John Nord; 4. Maryln Seidler; 5. Tracy Domagala; 6. Jason Grimes; 7. Myles Tomlinson; 8. Jarrett Carter; 9. Ryan Schroeder; 10. Tyler Hall; 11. Lucas Rodin; 12. Marcus Tomlinson; 13. Brad Hartigan; 14. Greg Friestad; 15. Eric Edwards; 16. Trent Grager; 17. Josh Anderson; 18. Jerry Lamb; 19. Josh Jones; 20. Crist Pittenger; 21. Andrew Mack; 22. Randy Kollman; 23. Randy Gordon; 24. Tim Thomas.

Consi: 1. Edwards; 2. Hartigan; 3. Pittenger; 4. Lamb; 5. Friestad; 6. Randy Kollman; 7. Thomas; 8. Gordon; 9. John Corell (DNF); 10. Scott Bintz (DNF). DNS: Dwight Wegner; Andrew Michel; Terry Sahr; Kevin Bliese.

Heat 1: 1. Rusty Kollman; 2. Myles Tomlinson; 3. Nord; 4. Rodin; 5. Hartigan; 6. Edwards; 7. Wegner; 8. Thomas.

Heat 2: 1. Seidler; 2. Carter; 3. Jones; 4. Mack; 5. Gordon; 6. Michel (DNF); 7. Bliese (DNF); 8. Sahr (DNF).

Heat 3: 1. Robinson; 2. Marcus Tomlinson; 3. Domagala; 4. Anderson; 5. Corell; 6. Lamb; 7. Randy Kollman.

Heat 4: 1. Grimes; 2. Schroeder; 3. Hall; 4. Grager; 5. Pittenger; 6. Bintz; 7. Friestad.

WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: 1. Jonny Carter; 2. Dustin Erickson; 3. Kyle Anderson; 4. Robert Banish Jr.; 5. Hunter Domagala; 6. Matthew Lesmeister; 7. Jodie Michaelsohn; 8. Christopher Ritter; 9. Jeff Vogel; 10. Jay Schlotfeldt; 11. Dusty Hinrichs; 12: Shawn Becker (DNF); 13. Aaron Blacklance (DNF); 14. Rory Opp (DNF); 15. Brian Hanson (DNF); 16. Tyler Schrenk (DNF).

Heat 1: 1. Banish; 2. Domagala; 3. Lesmeister; 4. Anderson; 5. Michaelsohn; 6. Ritter; 7. Schlotfeldt; 8. Schrenk.

Heat 2: 1. Carter; 2. Blacklance; 3. Opp; 4. Erickson; 5. Vogel; 6. Becker; 7. Hinrichs; 8. Hanson.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1. Royce Jawaski; 2. Nate Reinke; 3. Travis Traut; 4. Jeff Schwind Jr.; 5. Zach Dockter; 6. Joey Rowell; 7. Jim Morlock; 8. Arin Beyer; 9. Ryan Lehr; 10. Brennon Weight; 11. Aaron Michel; 12. Zach Reinke; 13. Lucas Rodin; 14. Taylor Schmidt; 15. Aaron Blacklance; 16. Jay Sahr; 17. Jeff Carpenter; 18. Ryan Schroeder; 19. Jason Thoms; 20. Lindsey Hansen; 21. Jordan Kienow (DNF); 22. Preston Carr (DNF); 23. Eric Edwards (DNF); 24. Andy Kapp (DNF).

Consi: 1. Z. Reinke; 2. Edwards; 3. Kapp; 4. Michel; 5. Sahr; 6. Blacklance; 7. Hansen; 8. Thoms; 9. Nathan Jager; 10. Caleb Johnson; 11. Tyler Schrenk; 12. James Watson (DNF).

Heat 1: 1. Traut; 2. N. Reinke; 3. Beyer; 4. Schmidt; 5. Kapp; 6. Z. Reinke; 7. Michel.

Heat 2: 1. Rowell; 2. Jawaski; 3. Schwind; 4. Carpenter; 5. Edwards; 6. Schrenk; 7. Jager.

Heat 3: 1. Schroeder; 2. Rodin; 3. Weight; 4. Lehr; 5. Thoms; 6. Blacklance; 7. Watson.

Heat 4: 1. Dockter; 2. Carr; 3. Kienow; 4. Morlock; 5. Sahr; 6. Johnson; 7. Hansen.


Feature: 1. Ashley Wampler; 2. Corey Jacobson; 3. Kasey Ussatis; 4. Leann Christensen; 5. Brandon Michel; 6. Ryan Widmer; 7. Michael Hoffman; 8. Cory Rodin; 9. Jason Miller; 10. Charlie Christ (DNF); 11. Billy Carow (DNF); 12. Clay Gentzkow (DNF); 13. Phillip Witt (DNF); 14. Lane Stoppleworth (DNF); 15. Erik Busche (DNF).

Heat 1: 1. Wampler; 2. Christensen; 3. Michel; 4. Rodin; 5. Christ; 6. Widmer; 7. Hoffman; 8. Gentzkow.

Heat 2: 1. Carow; 2. Jacobson; 3. Miller; 4. Ussatis; 5. Stoppleworth; 6. Busche; 7. Witt.

All Star Slingshots

Feature: 1. Cole Babcock; 2. Nolan Gleason. DNS: Ray Bintz, Brodie Davis.

Heat: 1. Babcock; 2. Gleason; 3. Bintz (DNF); 4. Davis (DNF).

Junior Slingshots

Feature: 1. Jacoby Traut; 2. Reez Eckerdt; 3. Brodee Eckerdt; 4. Joseph Banish; 5. Gavin Edinger; 6. Jordan Johnson; 7. Jaidyn Edinger (DNF).

Heat: 1. Traut; 2. R. Eckerdt; 3. B. Eckerdt; 4. G. Edinger; 5. Johnson; 6. Banish; 7. J. Edinger.