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JOINING THE CLUB: Beyer wins first feature race

Jamestown's Arin Beyer (4B) battles Patrick Sobolik (40), of Hallock, Minn., during Saturday's heat races at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun1 / 2
Cory Rodin (22), Charlie Christ (79), Corey Jacobson (70) and Billie Carow (7C), all evade the spinning car of Tony Smith (#1) during a bomber heat race Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Michael Savaloja / The Sun2 / 2

Arin Beyer's racing career began like most do.

A rookie two seasons ago, the 23-year-old driver from Jamestown was forced to pay his dues, struggling to qualify for the weekly feature field at his hometown track.

But all those payments finally garnered him full membership into the club Saturday at Jamestown Speedway. Beyer parked his WISSOTA Midwest Modified in victory lane, winning the 20-lap feature from the pole position.

"It's a lot of pressure off your shoulders," Beyer said. "We started from the absolute bottom, with a car we didn't know. We just kinda worked at it and got a lot of seat time."

Beyer led every lap and looked the part of a seasoned wheelman throughout, holding off veteran Kelly Hagel. Hagel, making just his third Jamestown appearance this summer, tried throwing a slider at the leader in the first set of turns on a restart with eight laps remaining, but Beyer's high line was fast all night.

"We got pretty close, I figured we might touch a little bit," said Beyer, who posted the quickest lap of the race in 16.261 seconds. "I just stayed calm and kept my race going. The car felt good, better than it has all year."

The 2009 Hughes chassis Beyer is currently driving is used to winning. Travis Saurer, a four-time WISSOTA Midwest Modified national champion, won over 80 features with the car before selling it to Jamestown's Landon Becker.

"I bought it from Landon," Beyer said. "We scaled it a couple weeks ago and went to Aberdeen and got third down there, so we've been doing pretty good."

Jamestown's Randy Tarno, the 2007 Stock Car Stampede WISSOTA Modified champion, helped Beyer set up the car, and the team has obviously hit on something. Beyer's previous best finish this season in Jamestown was eighth, after only cracking the top 10 once in 2016.

Beyer also won his heat, giving the driver his first career clean sweep.

"I don't know, it was a lot of luck tonight and a lot of help from everybody," Beyer said. "I gotta thank Randy at the shop for helping me scale the car."

Lisbon's Nate Reinke holds a commanding 44-point lead over Fargo's Joey Rowell in the B-mod track standings heading into Saturday's track championships. Beyer hopes to keep his momentum rolling.

"Keep on top of it," Beyer said. "I've been doing a lot of preparation in the shop during the week, more than I had before, and I guess races are won in the shop."

Opp, Rodin, Arneson win

Rory Opp is threatening to win a third consecutive WISSOTA Street Stock track championship in Jamestown.

Opp has come on late, picking up his first Jamestown feature victory of the summer to claw within five points of the lead with one night of points racing remaining. Opp and Jamestown's Dustin Erickson are tied in second place with 480 points, five markers behind Lisbon's Matthew Lesmeister.

Opp started fifth and passed Jodie Michaelsohn to lead the final 13 laps Saturday. Erickson stormed from 19th—dead last—to finish fifth, keeping his track title hopes alive.

"We're finally getting this car figured back out again," Opp said from victory lane.

Cory Rodin went from third to first on Lap 1 of the 15-lap bombers feature. That's where he stayed, notching his second Jamestown win of the season.

The victory vaulted Rodin to the top of the standings, where he leads Kasey Ussatis by the slimmest of margins: 517 to 516.

Fargo's Austin Arneson won the third of four nights of the IMCA Sanders Modified Challenge Tour. Arneson's story can be found online at

Lucas Rodin leads Jarrett Carter 348 to 337 in the IMCA Modified track standings.

Jamestown Speedway

Saturday's Results

IMCA Sanders Modified Challenger Tour

Feature: 1. Austin Arneson; 2. Marlyn Seidler; 3. Mike Greseth; 4. Dave Shipley; 5. Trent Grager; 6. Jason Grimes; 7. Rusty Kollman; 8. Josh Eberhardt; 9. Tyler Peterson; 10. Cale Arneson; 11. Rob VanMil; 12. John Corell; 13. Jarrett Carter; 14. Jamie Trautner; 15. Lucas Rodin; 16. Michael Johnson; 17. Myles Tomlinson; 18. Dale Kraling; 19. Greg Friestad; 20. Tyler Hall; 21. Cody Peterson; 22. Troy Heupel; 23. Lance Schilling; 24. Tracy Domagala, DNF.

Consi 1: 1. Domagala; 2. Johnson; 3. Corell; 4. Justin Jones; 5. Rich Pavlicek; 6. Brad Hartigan; 7. Joey Rowell; 8. Marcus Tomlinson; 9. Josh Beaulieu; 10. Bryce Bjerken; 11. Randy Gordon; 12. Crist Pittenger; 13. Josh Anderson, DNF; 14. John Nord, DNF.

Consi: 2: 1. Hall; 2. C. Peterson; 3. Heupel; 4. Luke Schilling; 5. Andrew Mack; 6. Ryan Schroeder; 7. Tommy Lee; 8. Dwight Wegner; 9. Craig Larson, DNF; 10. Billie Christ, DNF; 11. Nickolis Curtis, DNF; 12. Terr Sahr, DNF. Disqualified: Eric Edwards, Jerry Lamb.

Heat 1: 1. C. Arneson; 2. Greseth; 3. Rodin; 4. Domagala; 5. Marcus Tomlinson; 6. Gordon; 7. Anderson; 8. Pittenger.

Heat 2: 1. T. Peterson; 2. Carter; 3. VanMil; 4. Edwards; 5. Schilling; 6. Lamb; 7. Christ; 8. Lee.

Heat 3: 1. Trautner; 2. Friestad; 3. Myles Tomlinson; 4. Corell; 5. Johnson; 6. Pavlicek; 7. Beaulieu; 8. Rowell.

Heat 4: 1. Kraling; 2. A. Arneson; 3. Grimes; 4. Hall; 5. C. Peterson; 6. Schroeder; 7. Larson; 8. Sahr, DNF.

Heat 5: 1. Grager; 2. Eberhardt; 3. Schilling; 4. Jones; 5. Nord; 6. Hartigan; 7. Bjerken.

Heat 6: 1. Seidler; 2. Kollman; 3. Shipley; 4. Mack; 5. Heupel; 6. Curti; 7. Wegner.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1. Arin Beyer; 2. Kelly Hagel; 3. Brennon Weight; 4. Nate Reinke; 5. Jim Morlock; 6. Eric Edwards; 7. Patrick Sobolik; 8. Zach Reinke; 9. Jay Sahr; 10. Andrew Kapp; 11. Royce Jawaski; 12. Travis Traut; 13. Jason Grimes; 14. Ryan Lehr; 15. Jeff Schwind Jr.; 16. Lucas Rodin; 17. Shannon Schlenker; 18. Jason Thoms; 19. James Watson; 20. Caleb Johnson; 21. Zach Dockter, DNF; 22. Preston Carr, DNF; 23. Lindsey Hansen, DNF; 24. Joey Rowell, DNF; 25. Trevor Klein, DNF.

Heat 1: 1. Carr; 2. Weight; 3. N. Reinke; 4. Jawaski; 5. Kapp; 6. Grimes; 7. Z. Reinke; 8. Thoms; 9. Hansen.

Heat 2: 1. Beyer; 2. Rowell; 3. Sobolik; 4. Morlock; 5. Traut; 6. Schlenker; 7. Klein; 8. Johnson.

Heat 3: 1. Edwards; 2. Hagel; 3. Sahr; 4. Dockter; 5. Schwind; 6. Lehr; 7. Rodin; 8. Watson, DNF.

WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: 1. Rory Opp; 2. Hunter Domagala; 3. Todd Carter; 4. Jodie Michaelsohn; 5. Dustin Erickson; 6. Matthew Lesmeister; 7. Kyle Anderson; 8. Shawn Becker; 9. Kyle Zittleman; 10. Christopher Ritter; 11. Kelly Hoerner; 12. Charlie Christ; 13. Dusty Hinrichs; 14. Brian Hanson Jr.; 15. Delray Dykstra, DNF; 16. Casey Vargason, DNF; 17. Jaden Christ, DNF; 18. Lane Stoppleworth, DNF. DNS: Robert Banish Jr.

Heat 1: 1. Anderson; 2. Banish; 3. Lesmeister; 4. Hoerner; 5. Stoppleworth; 6. Hanson; 7. Erickson, DNF.

Heat 2: 1. Carter; 2. Michaelsohn; 3. Domagala; 4. Zittleman; 5. C. Christ; 6. J. Christ.

Heat 3: 1. Becker; 2. Opp; 3. Ritter; 4. Vargason; 5. Dykstra; 6. Hinrichs.


Feature: 1. Cory Rodin; 2. Billy Carow; 3. Brent Vetter; 4. Wyatt Rath-Wald; 5. Corey Jacobson; 6. Kasey Ussatis; 7. Leann Christensen; 8. Dylan Sandberg; 9. Jason Miller; 10. Keith McCleary; 11. Brandon Michel; 12. Ashley Wampler; 13. Charlie Christ; 14. Tony Smith; 15. Erik Busche; 16. John Heacox; 17. Lane Stoppleworth, DNF; 18. Karlie Hoerner, DNF; 19. Clay Gentzkow, DNF.

Heat 1: 1. Carow; 2. Jacobson; 3. Rodin; 4. Stoppleworth; 5. Christ; 6. Smith; 7. Wampler.

Heat 2: 1. Sandberg; 2. Christensen; 3. Gentzkow; 4. Miller; 5. Heacox; 6. Karlie Hoerner, DNF.

Heat 3: 1. Rath-Wald; 2. Ussatis; 3. Vetter; 4. Michel; 5. McCleary; 6. Busche.

All Star Slingshots

Feature: 1. Cole Babcock; 2. Ryan Erdahl; 3. Taylor Klein.

Heat: 1. Babcock; 2. Erdahl; 3. Klein.

Junior Slingshots

Feature: 1. Reez Eckerdt; 2. Jacoby Traut; 3. Brodee Eckerdt; 4. Joseph Banish.

Heat: 1. Traut; 2. R. Eckerdt; 3. B. Eckerdt; 4. Banish.

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