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Weisbeck flying high with Jimmies

Ben Weisbeck

Ben Weisbeck put the new basketball standards at Harold Newman Arena through the wringer Saturday night.

University of Jamestown’s 6-foot-2 senior guard slammed home not one, not two, but three two-handed dunks in transition in the first half against Providence University College (Manitoba).

Weisbeck would miss a two-handed reverse attempt above the rim after the break, but he still managed to end up with a game-high 30 points. University of Jamestown grounded the Pilots 139-78.

“I was trying to do something a little bit cool for the fans, I guess,” Weisbeck said of the spectacular brick. “But I knew better to be a little bit more fundamental. I looked at coach (Danny Neville) right away, and he knew that I knew, so I knew I wasn’t gonna do that again.”

Weisbeck is having fun with the Jimmies (4-0). The former Bismarck St. Mary’s Central High School star transferred in from NCAA Division II Augustana (S.D.) and has dropped right into coach Neville’s starting lineup this season.

But basketball could have easily been over for the Jimmies’ new highlight maker.

“Honestly, I was just getting burnt out with the sport, something that I’ve been playing since I was 3 years old and absolutely fell in love with and had a huge passion for,” Weisbeck said. “It stopped being fun. I needed to take a little break and needed to take a semester off, and that was the best thing I think I’ve ever done.”

Prior to college Weisbeck led St. Mary’s all the way to the Class A state championship game as a senior in 2014, averaging 21.4 points and 6.4 rebounds per night. The Saints fell to Fargo Davies in the title tilt 62-55, but Weisbeck picked up a second first team all-state honor and a Mr. Basketball nomination.

“Nothing feels better than being back in my home state and being in Jamestown,” Weisbeck said. “The transition has been great and my teammates have been absolutely great. I’m just so blessed and I’m glad God gave me another chance to play basketball.”

Jamestown’s Sam Johnson buried a 3-pointer on the Jimmies’ opening possession Saturday night and Jamestown was off to the races. The home team led 78-35 at the half and nailed 15 treys in the game.

The Jimmies put 12 players into the scoring column with six reaching double figures. Freshman Brady Birch produced 13 points, 13 rebounds and six steals off the bench.

The Jimmies defeated the Pilots 132-53 in a second game played Sunday. Weisbeck recorded a double-double of 13 points and 12 rebounds, while junior guard Kevin Oberweiser hit 5 of 6 shots from 3-point range to lead 14 plays in scoring with 20.

The Jimmies travel to Mitchell, S.D., to face Dakota Wesleyan on Halloween.

University of Jamestown 139,

Providence College 78

PC 35 43 — 78

UJ 78 61 — 139

PC — Cash Blanca 24, Jordan Lawson 17, Kendall Perpall 12, Chris Dick 8, Joshua Pierite 6, Kaan Bitchok 4, Kaleb Seida 4, Brax ton Phommarath 2, Zach Feakes 1. Totals: 25-66 FG, 17-25 FT, 11-21 3-pointers (Blanca 5 Lawson 3, Perpall 3), 36 Rebounds (Lawson 10), 7 Steals (Dick 3), 12 Assists (Dick 6), 16 Fouls, 20 Turnovers.

UJ — Ben Weisbeck 30, Jon Purintun 18 Kevin Oberweiser 17, Isaiah Dobson 16, Brady Birch 13, Leighton Sampson 11, Sam Johnson 9, Jack Talley 9, Jace Allard 6, Jake Reuther 4, Christian Kvilvang 3, Carter Keller 3. Totals 54-91 FG, 16-24 FT, 15-36 3-pointers (Dobson 4, Johnson 3, Oberweiser 3, Talley 2, Weis beck, Kvilvang, Keller), 52 Rebounds (Birch 13), 3 Blocks (Sampson 3), 19 Steals (Birch 6), 26 Assists (Purintun 7), 23 Fouls.

Records: University of Jamestown 3-0; Prov idence College 0-1

University of Jamestown 132,

Providence College 53

PC 26 27 — 53

UJ 68 64 — 132

PC — Perpall 12, Feakes 11, Dick 7, J’Neil Gibson 6, Lawson 5, Clark Nachtigal 3, Glenn Pronteau 3,a Phommarath 2, Blanca 2, Josh ua Pierite 2. Totals: 18-67 FG, 10-12 FT, 7-21 3-pointers (Perpall 2, Feakes, Dick, Lawson Nachtigal, Pronteau), 29 Rebounds (Perpall 5), 1 Block (Dick), 6 Steals (Phommarath 2) 10 Assists (3 with 2), 20 Fouls, 26 Turnovers. UJ — Oberweiser 20, Purintun 19, Sampson 14, Weisbeck 13, Reuther 13, Johnson 11 Kvilvang 10, Talley 7, Allard 6, Colton Lund 5, Dobson 5, Birch 4, Keller 3, Stefan Jevd jenijevic 2. Totals: 52-86 FG, 12-18 FT, 16-30 3-pointers (Oberweiser 5, Johnson 3, Kvilvang 2, Allard 2, Talley, Lund, Dobson, Keller), 59 Rebounds (Weisbeck 12), 6 Blocks (Sampson 4), 16 Steals (Birch 3), 31 Assists (Purintun 6) 13 Fouls, 11 Turnovers.

Records: University of Jamestown 4-0; Prov idence College 0-2.

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