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Thunder crowned District 6 champions

Medina-Pingree-Buchanan's Halle Uehran (7) punches the ball through the arms of LaMoure-Litchville-Marion's Alyssa Ragan during last week's M-P-B victory in LaMoure. John M. Steiner / The Sun

Halle Uehran sent an errant serve into the back of teammate Eva Reich's head Thursday night in Napoleon.

It was one of few things to go wrong for the standout senior outside hitter and the Medina-Pingree-Buchanan Thunder during the championship match of the District 6 volleyball tournament.

"Yeah, that didn't go over very well," Uehran laughed. "That was bad."

Uehran elevated her game against tournament host Napoleon-Gackle-Streeter. Her match-high 25 kills drove the nail home in defeating the Imperials for the district title 25-15, 25-18, 25-16.

"We played awesome together," Uehran said. "The last two years we've come up short of the championship, and this year we just gave it our all. We put our minds to it and we're just really excited."

The Thunder showcased its strength in resiliency, clawing out of a seven-point deficit to the Imperials in the second set to win the frame by seven points. Taylor Sabinash added nine kills and three blocks for the Thunder in the winning effort, while Hannah Bohl turned up 30 assists.

The Thunder had previously fallen to South Border in the last two District 6 championship matches. M-P-B got its revenge Tuesday, topping the Mustangs 3-0 in the semifinals.

"Like I've said before, from last year to this year our mental game is tremendously better," M-P-B coach Jacie Connell said. "When we're down by five or six points, we reset the game to 0-0 and work to win every point.

"Our girls were sick of taking second the last couple years. We came out with a lot of intensity tonight."

Kaylin Weigel and Alexa Young led the Imperial attack with seven and six kills, respectively. The Imperials will face Oakes in the quarterfinals of the Region 3 tournament Monday in Hazelton.

Uehran, who was honored as the District 6 outstanding senior athlete Thursday, said she will formally sign with NCAA Division II Northern State University in Aberdeen, S.D. on Wednesday. Uehran and the Thunder will play Edgeley-Kulm-Montpelier in Monday's regional quarterfinals.

"I could not get anywhere without my girls and my family supporting me," Uehran said. "I'm so overwhelmed. It's great."

But the District 6 champs know the season is far from finished.

"The girls know we have our work cut out for us," Connell said. "But they're already pumped for practice tomorrow. I think they'll be ready to go."

South Border and Linton-HMB won Thursday's Region 3 tournament qualifying matches. The Mustangs topped Strasburg-Zeeland 3-1 and the Lions defeated Kidder County 3-1.

District 6 Volleyball Tournament

At Napoleon

Region 3 qualifiers

South Border 3, Strasburg-Zeeland 1

SB 25 25 17 15

SZ 17 21 25 13

SB—Aces: Sara Melom 5, Myckea Gross 1, Faith Dockter 1. Kills: Emily St. Aubin 15, Gross 12, Dockter 4, Hannah vanGorkom 3, Kaelie Kosiak 1. Blocks: Dockter 1. Assists: Kelsey Kosiak 31, St. Aubin 1, Melom 1. Digs: St. Aubin 10, Gross 7, Kelsey Kosiak 3, Racheal Rueb 3, Dockter 2, Melom 2, Kaelie Kosiak 2.

SZ—Aces: Madison Vander Vorst 2, Peyton Vander Vorst 2, Tiffany Meier 1, Kendra Hulm 1, Jose Langeliers 1, Haley Eberle 1, Kassandra Hulm 1. Kills: P. Vander Vorst 16, Meier 7, M. Vander Vorst 5, Shelby Vander Vorst 4, Langeliers 2, Eberle 1. Blocks: P. Vander Vorst 3. Assists: Eberle 18, P. Vander Vorst 3. Digs: P. Vander Vorst 9, M. Vander Vorst 9, Kasandra Hulm 8, Meier 6, Eberle 5, S. Vander Vorst 4.

Linton-HMB 3, Kidder County 1

LHMB 11 25 25 25

KC 25 19 18 13

LHMB—Aces: Brooke Vander Laan 6, Callie Hase 5, MaKayla Ptacek 2, Jaycee Richter 2, Teegan Scheer 2, Bailey Hulm 1. Kills: Sierra Bosch 9, Cassie Gefroh 8, Taiya Schmidt 7, Vander Laan 3, Hulm 2, Destiny Wegner 2, Ptacek 1. Blocks: Schmidt 3, Wenger 1. Assists: Hulm 27, Vander Laan 2, Scherr 1, Richter 1. Digs: Scherr 14, Richter 10, Hulm 8, Vander Laan 8, Ptacek 7, Bosch 7, Gefroh 4, Wenger 1, Hase 2.

KC—Aces: Katie Silbernagel 5, Brittany Rath 5, adelyn Schmidt 2. Kills: Grace Benz 11, Silbernagel 6, Rath 3, Jaslyn Magstadt 3, Schmidt 2. Blocks: Rath 2, Benz 1. Assists: Magstadt 15, Shaye Koester 1, Silbernagel 1. Digs: Koester 14, Benz 14, Silbernagel 12, Kaylee Beachler 11, Schmidt 11, Magstadt 9, Teanna Binder 5, Rath 2.


Medina-P-B 3, Napoleon-G-S 0

MPB 25 25 25

NGS 15 18 16

MPB—Kills: Halle Uehran 25, Taylor Sabinash 9, Megan Moser 5, Eva Reich 1. Digs: Lauren Moser 17, M. Moser 15, Hehran 14, Janaya Huff 13, Gracie Bohl 9, Hannah Bohl 6, Reich 3. Blocks: Sabinash 3, Uehran 2. Aces: G. Bohl 3, Uehran 2, Sabinash 1, M. Moser 1, L. Moser 1, Huff 1. Assists: H. Bohl 30, L. Moser 8.

NGS—Aces: Alexa Young 1. Kills: Kaylin Weigel 7, Young 6, Hailey Sperle 4, Kassie Breidenbach 3, Abigail Bitz 1, Abby Christofferson 1. Blocks: Breidenbach 1, Sperle 1. Assists: Bitz 18, Sperle 2, Christofferson 1. Digs: Veronica Schwartzenberger 15, Christofferson 13, Weigel 11, Bitz 8, Breidenbach 6, Young 5, Sperle 4.


All-District Team

M-P-B: Taylor Sabinash, Halle Uehran, Megan Moser, Janaya Huff

Linton-HMB: Sierra Bosch, Brooke Vander Laan

Napoleon-G-S: Kaylin Weigel, Alexa Young, Veronica Schwartzenberger

Kidder County: Kaitlin Silbernagel

South Border: Myckea Gross

All-District Honorable Mention

Peyton Vander Vorst, S-Z; Grace Benz, KC; Faith Dockter, SB; Abigail Bitz, N-G-S; MaKayla Ptacek, Linton-HMB.

Outstanding Senior Athlete: Halle Uehran, M-P-B.

Coach of the Year: Morgan Schwartzenberger, N-G-S.

Region 3 Volleyball Tournament

In Hazelton

Monday's quarterfinals

G1: LaMoure-LM (38-1) vs. South Border (12-23).

G2: Napoleon-G-S (14-17) vs. Oakes (24-9).

G3: Medina-P-B (33-3) vs. Edgeley-Kulm-Montpelier (20-12).

G4: Carrington (26-9) vs. Linton-HMB (19-16).

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