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Hagel back out front: Hausauer, Carter notch feature wins at Jamestown Speedway

A savvy gambler would place his money on No. 271 at Jamestown Speedway on Saturdays.

It’s not only that there are two of them on the track during WISSOTA Midwest Modified action — spiking the odds dramatically — but the simple fact of the matter is they’re both plain fast.

Carrington’s Kelly Hagel found the winner’s stage for a second time this season in his new No. 271, while his good friend Spencer Johnson motored from the seventh starting position to grab third on Saturday night in Hagel’s older No. 271J at the track.

Hagel has loaned Johnson, of Jamestown, the car to use after he switched to a new Brian Strand-built Millenium Chassis. Strand is based out of Bemidji, Minnesota, and he won back-to-back WISSOTA Modified national championships in 1997 and 1998.

That car is still on the race track today. Gamblers, get out your pocketbooks.

“(Johnson’s) got that car working pretty good and that’s a fun car to drive,” Hagel said. “That’s a Strand car, too. Brian won two national titles with that car. It’s set up good and it’s easy to drive, so I think he’s having fun.”

Could he be having too much fun?

Johnson and Hagel started 1-2, respectively, in the third of four B-Mod heat races on Saturday, and Johnson out-dueled his car owner to win the eight-lap race. Hagel finished second to his old ride, but the veteran took the heat-race defeat in stride.

“(Johnson) showed me how to run the heat,” Hagel laughed. “I told him, ‘That’s OK if you won the heat. I got the feature.”

Hagel started the 20-lap feature from the outside of the second row and had moved up to second when the second of three yellow flags came out with 11 laps remaining. The outside pole sitter, Brice Kuska, of Litchville, had settled into the lead from the start.

Both were running the high line, but Kuska left the door open just a tad for Hagel after the restart and Hagel took advantage. The two ran door-to-door and Hagel finally cleared Kuska for lead out of corner No. 2 with 8 laps left.

“I knew I had to get him in (turns) one and two. If I was going to pass him I had to make my run there and I ran her in hard,” Hagel said. “He went down a little bit and he gave me an opening to get up on the high side, and I got a good run off so I could get alongside him.”

But it wasn’t completely smooth sailing from there. Hagel nearly drove off the top of turns three and four coming to the white flag.

“I had set the car up pretty tight and I’d get in good,” Hagel said. “But then when I’d get on the gas she’d push up, and then I was right at the edge. That was pilot error more than anything.”

Hagel survived a green-white-checkered finish, as Kuska took second with Johnson in third. Hagel also won back on May 24

“It’s fun to see (Johnson) doing good in that car,” Hagel said, “and I’m getting a little more used to this new one.”


Bismarck’s Chad Hausauer and his No. 39 “Grey Ghost” was the class of the Bomber division on Saturday.

After winning the second of three heat races, Hausauer started the 15-lap feature in seventh and overtook the pole sitter, Sykeston’s Bill Bachmeier, three laps in.

He’d lead the rest of the way with the help of three restarts down the stretch. Hausauer brought the field to the green flag each time at a turtle-like pace, and he was able to jump out to a sizable lead each time en route to victory.

“My car just works good when I pace them real slow and get a good launch on them,” Hausauer said. “The track was really nice. You could run anywhere you wanted, up top, down low, in the middle.”

Hausauer won the Stampede in his No. 39 back in 2012, and his Grey Ghost was fast up top on Saturday.

“I was initially planning on running way on the bottom the whole race,” Hausauer said. “But I had to get around a guy in the middle, and then I just kept moving up and moving up. By the end of the race I was running all the way up on the top.”

Jamestown’s Kyle Anderson posted a solid run, coming from the 16th starting position to finish second. Anderson is leading the track standings by nine points over Fargo’s Kelly Jacobson.

Marion’s Cory Rodin came from 12th to finish third and Jamestown’s Justin Schempp finished fourth after starting sixth.

“I love racing out here,” Hausauer. “There’s a lot of competition and it’s always good to win.”

Lisbon’s Jonny Carter is proving difficult to beat in Jamestown this season in the WISSOTA Street Stocks.

Carter came from ninth on Saturday to win his third consecutive feature at the track. Running second to Sykeston’s Trent Grager, Carter appeared to make contact with Grager from behind heading into turns one and two with 10 to go.

The contact must have rattled Grager a bit, as he overdrove turns three and four on the opposite side of the track and sailed off corner No. 4. Grager finished with a DNF in 20th position.

Jamestown’s Joe Jacobson started on the pole and finished second, while Jamestown’s Bill Christ finished third. Carter currently holds a four-point lead over Jamestown’s Dustin Erickson in the track standings.

Jamestown Speedway

Saturday’s results

WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: 1, Jonny Carter; 2, Joe Jacobson; 3, Billie Christ; 4, Royce Jawaski; 5, Travis Ulmer; 6, Rory Opp; 7, Nic Klein; 8, Dustin Erickson; 9, Scott Gartner; 10, Josh Ganser; 11, Matthew Lesmeister; 12, Jodie Michaelsohn; 13, Tyler Pfaff; 14, Jeff Vogel; 15, Shawn Becker; 16, Jake Emo; 17, Cammy Ost; 18, Nick Desplinter; 19, Tim Jodsaas; 20, Trent Grager (DNF); 21, Dusty Hinrichs (DNF).

Heat 1: 1, Carter; 2, Hinrichs; 3, Jawaski; 4, Pfaff; 5, Gartner; 6, Vogel; 7, Emo.

Heat 2: 1, Klein; 2, Ulmer; 3, Erickson; 4, Opp; 5, Lesmeister; 6, Ganser; 7, Michaelsohn.

Heat 3: 1, Jacobson; 2, Grager; 3, Christ; 4, Becker; 5, Jodsaas; 6, Desplinter; 7, Ost.

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1, Kelly Hagel; 2, Brice Kuska; 3, Spencer Johnson; 4, Jarrett Carter; 5, Tyler Peterson; 6, Joey Rowell; 7, Zack Reinke; 8, Greg Friestad; 9, Shannon Schlenker; 10, Terry Sahr; 11, Preston Carr; 12, Zach Dockter; 13, Landon Becker; 14, Darren Pfau; 15, Eric Edwards; 16, Nate Reinke; 17, Jim Morlock; 18, Ryan Lehr; 19, Travis Traut; 20, Lucas Rodin; 21, Tyler Schrenk; 22, Jeff Carpenter; 23, Dave Peterson; 24, Randy Kollman (DNF).

Consi 1: 1, Lehr; 2, Schrenk; 3, N. Reinke; 4, Traut; 5, Randy Klein; 6, Steve Ost; 7, Brandon Langer; 8, Jarett Lovcik; 9, Dalton Polries.

Consi 2: 1, Edwards; 2, Kollman; 3, Carpenter; 4, T. Sahr; 5, Andy Kapp; 6, Kyle Lovcik; 7, Andrew Michel; 8, Patrick Sobolik; 9, Jay Sahr.

Heat 1: 1, Becker; 2, Friestad; 3, Morlock; 4, Pfau; 5, Lehr; 6, Schrenk; 7, N. Reinke; 8, Ost; 9, T. Sahr (DNF).

Heat 2: 1, Kuska; 2, Carr; 3, D. Peterson; 4, Schlenker; 5, Carpenter; 6, Sobolik; 7, Edwards; 8, Michel; 9, J. Sahr.

Heat 3: 1, Johnson; 2, Hagel; 3, Rodin; 4, T. Peterson; 5, J. Lovcik; 6, Traut; 7, Langer; 8, Klein.

Heat 4: 1, Carter; 2, Dockter; 3, Rowell; 4, Z. Reinke; 5, K. Lovcik; 6, Kollman; 7, Kapp; 8, Polries (DNF).


Feature: 1, Chad Hausauer; 2, Kyle Anderson; 3, Cory Rodin; 4, Justin Schempp; 5, Billy Carow; 6, Kelly Jacobson; 7, Matthew Kropp; 8, Bill Bachmeier; 9, Devin Christ; 10, Brad Rodin; 11, Bo Gregor; 12, Clay Houchin; 13, Leann Christensen; 14, Jon Perkins; 15, Clare Miller; 16, Josh Anderson; 17, Jeremy Willman; 18, Kasey Ussatis; 19, Lane Stoppleworth; 20, Larry Hanson; 21, Anthony Clark; 22, Paul Johansen; 23, Kodee Ussatis; 24, Ryan Ost (DNF); 25, Byron Whetsel (DNF); 26, Alex Langland (DNS).

Heat 1: 1, Kropp; 2, Bachmeier; 3, Carow; 4, Miller; 5, Gregor; 6, K. Anderson; 7, Clark; 8, Stoppleworth; 9, Kodee Ussatis.

Heat 2: 1, Hausauer; 2, Christensen; 3, J. Anderson; 4, B. Rodin; 5, Jacobson; 6, Whetsel; 7, Johansen; 8, Houchin (DNF); 9, Hanson (DNF).

Heat 3: 1, Langland; 2, Ost; 3, Schempp; 4, C. Rodin; 5, Willman; 6, Christ; 7, Kasey Ussatis; 8, Perkins.

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