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Passing the test: Bismarck’s Hausauer stays hot in Bomber

Chad Hausauer’s second straight feature win in the Bombers drew quite a bit of attention at Jamestown Speedway on Saturday.

The Bismarck native’s No. 39 “Grey Ghost” received an engine tear-down from tech inspectors following his second dominant performance. But the protest and subsequent inspection turned up no irregularities and the Grey Ghost’s third feature win of the season is in the books.

“Yeah, we checked out pretty clean,” Hausauer said.

Hausauer won here a week ago, and he also picked up a feature win at Mandan’s Dacotah Speedway on Friday night, giving the driver three wins in just his sixth night out with the car.

Hausauer was more like a magician than a driver in the first lap of Saturday’s race. After three caution flags and just one lap was recorded, Hausauer had moved from the seventh starting position to third.

He lined up on the inside behind the leader, Enderlin’s Alex Langland, after Fessenden’s Clay Houchin elected to restart in second from the top. That decision benefited Hausauer immensely, as he shot past Langland and into the lead before the field even made it to the flag stand on the restart.

“The restarts really helped me out,” Hausauer said. “The track was really nice. They watered it a little bit before we went out there and there was some traction out there. It was good.”

The Grey Ghost stayed out front for 14 of the 15 laps, but it was under pressure from Marion’s Cory Rodin. Rodin started fifth and was peaking low under the leader as the laps dwindled down.

Hausauer’s momentum up top, however, was too much for Rodin to overcome. Hausauer set the fastest lap of the race in 17.583 seconds.

“I heard on the raceceiver that he was back there,” Hausauer said of Rodin, who’s won two Jamestown features this season. “I was hoping I could hold him off.

“It’s always tough to win one here.”

Rodin finished second, while Jamestown’s Kyle Anderson finished third and Jamestown’s Justin Schempp crossed in fourth.

Hausauer will not be in Jamestown this Saturday, as he’ll be attending the Governor’s Cup in Mandan.

“We just won there (Friday) night,” Hausauer said. “Hopefully we can keep it up out there too.”

WISSOTA Street Stocks

It doesn’t seem to matter where in the field Lisbon’s Jonny Carter starts the race.

For the past month, he’s the only driver to have won a WISSOTA Street Stock feature at Jamestown Speedway. Carter picked up his fourth victory in a row on Saturday, a streak that dates back to June 28th.

It was the second consecutive week the driver drove to victory after starting way back in the ninth position. He won from the pole on June 28 and from the third starting position on July 5.

Saturday’s 20-lap feature only included one yellow flag, as Hannaford’s Rory Opp grabbed the lead from the start of the race from the third position. Opp would lead 17 of the 20 laps, until Carter was able to get under Opp with three laps left.

Carter and Opp touched coming out of turn No. 4 to complete lap No. 18. Carter led that lap, as well as the final two. Opp finished second, with Lisbon’s Matthew Lesmeister taking third, Carrington’s Trent Grager finishing fourth and Mapleton’s Nic Klein driving in fifth.

Jamestown Speedway

Saturday’s results

WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature: 1, Jonny Carter; 2, Rory Opp; 3, Matthew Lesmeister; 4, Trent Grager; 5, Nic Klein; 6, Joe Jacobson; 7, Jeff Vogel; 8, Chris Ritter; 9, Royce Jawask; 10, Shawn Becker; 11, Dustin Erickson; 12, Josh Ganser; 13, Jake Emo; 14, Nick Desplinter; 15, Dusty Hinrichs; 16, Cammy Ost; 17, Nick Thoreson (DNF); 18, Jodie Michaelsohn (DNF).

Heat 1: 1, Jacobson; 2, Klein; 3, Michaelsohn; 4, Grager; 5, Vogel; 6, Thoreson.

Heat 2: 1, Opp; 2, Ritter; 3, Jawaski; 4, Becker; 5, Desplinter; 6, Ganser.

Heat 3: 1, Lesmeister; 2, Carter; 3, Hinrichs; 4, Emo; 5, Erickson; 6, Ost.


Feature: 1, Chad Hausauer; 2, Cory Rodin; 3, Kyle Anderson; 4, Justin Schempp; 5, Clay Houchin; 6, Kelly Jacobson; 7, Leann Christensen; 8, Bill Carow; 9, Bo Gregor; 10, Mike Sahr; 11, Bill Bachmeier; 12, Josh Anderson; 13, Lane Stoppleworth; 14, Jeremy Willman; 15, Byron Whetsel; 16, Tyler McDougall (DNF); 17, Matthew Kropp (DNF); 18, Alex Langland (DNF); 19, Ryan Ost (DNF); 20, Devin Christ (DNF); 21, Anthony Clark (DNF); 22, Brad Rodin (DNF); 23, Larry Hanson (DNS).

Heat 1: 1, Langland; 2, Hausauer; 3, Carow; 4, Jacobson; 5, Willman; 6, Kropp; 7, McDougall; 8, Clark (DNF).

Heat 2: 1, K. Anderson; 2, Houchin; 3, Christensen; 4, Gregor; 5, Bachmeier; 6, B. Rodin; 7, Stoppleworth.

Heat 3: 1, C. Rodin; 2, Ost; 3, Christ; 4, J. Anderson; 5, Schempp; 6, Sahr; 7, Whetsel.

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