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Success! Twilight League baseball has flourished this summer

Boya Quichocho is the team manager for the Jamestown Elks. John M. Steiner / The Sun

The Twilight Amateur Baseball League’s return has been a successful one.

Chief organizer Tom Gould is hoping that this summer is just the beginning, however.

“It’s been a good summer. We’ve had our lumps, but overall it’s gone really well,” Gould said. “We’ve played a lot of games. The thing now is to try it make it better next year.”

The Twilight League, in its original form many years ago, had the power teams from Jamestown — the Elks and Merchants — and a handful of other clubs sprinkled in.

This year, the league featured the Elks, the Jamestown Greyhounds and the Jamestown Tarno Townies.

“We had all these kids driving to Fargo to play, so we figured why don’t we do something here?” Gould said.

Gould hatched a plan with Boya Quichocho, who runs the Elks, and Steve Bennion, who played with the Merchants back in the day, and now suits up with the Tarnos.

“We talked about it and were able to throw something together,” Gould said. “There’s definitely interest out there with guys wanting to play.”

Next season, plans are to expand the league. There could be more Jamestown teams, and any they’re hopeful teams from the area may join as well. Ideally, they’d have open registration and then divide the teams up evenly.

“We’ll try to do a little better job advertising and getting the word out next spring so we can get everybody out there playing that wants to play,” Gould said. “If someone wants to play, we’ll find a spot.”

They were able to make the league work money-wise, too. Gould was able to sell some season tickets at the ultra-affordable rate of $15 for 22 games, which led to a nice gathering of fans for the games.

“Financially, we’re not making money, but we were able to pay the bills,” Gould said.

The final night of Twilight League action for this summer is tomorrow. The Townies will play the Greyhounds at noon, followed by the Greyhounds and Elks at 1:30 p.m. Brats and hot dogs will be served afterwards.

While the Twilight League ends Sunday, August will be loaded with amateur baseball at Jack Brown Stadium. Three straight weekends of state tournaments begin Aug. 7-10 with the Class A tournament. Aug. 14-17 will feature the Class AA teams before the Class AAA tournament wraps up the season Aug. 22-24.

Thanks to Gould and fellow amateur baseball oracle R.D. Brown, teams signing up for the state tournament continue to climb. The deadline to register is Monday.

“The numbers are good,” Gould said, “and hopefully we get a few more.”

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