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Kuska, Anderson roll to victory

Jamestown’s Kyle Anderson (59) leads Jeremy Willman (9), Chad Hausauer (39), Leann Christensen (24) and Brandon Michel (24A) through turns three and four at Jamestown Speedway on Saturday. Michael Savaloja / The Sun1 / 2
Michael Savaloja / The Sun Litchville’s Brice Kuska (18) battles with Barnsville’s Rob VanMil during a WISSOTA Midwest Modified heat race at Jamestown Speedway on Saturday.2 / 2

The competition that’s packed into the WISSOTA Midwest Modified class at Jamestown Speedway is arguably unparalleled.

The track drew an impressive 39 cars and drivers on Saturday, but that didn’t stop one man from winning his first career feature victory. On the contrary, it probably made it that much more sweet.

Litchville’s Brice Kuska led the final 17 laps of the 20-lap B-Mod feature, as the 25-year-old notched victory No. 1 in his fourth year behind the wheel of a Midwest Mod.

“It’s something to win here,” Kuska said. “Any giving night, anybody out there can win. It’s really something.”

Kuska started on the inside of the second row in the 24-car feature field, and he was running second to Hickson’s Tyler Peterson over the first three laps. Peterson started on the outside pole, but a bit of misfortune would end his night.

Peterson’s power steering pump let go while restarting the race after the second of three yellow flags over the first three laps. Kuska was working under Peterson at the time, but Peterson was forced to end the fight and pulled off.

“I got under (Peterson) and I thought I had him. I didn’t know what happened,” Kuska said. “(Track officials) were calling the restart and saying No. 1 (Peterson) to the front. He never showed up, so I pulled into the front and was waiting for him.

“It’s top of the line to run with him.”

Kuska held off Lisbon’s Jarrett Carter and Jamestown’s Greg Friestad over the final 17 laps. Kuska’s No. 18 liked the high side, where he put down the fastest lap of the race in 16.691 seconds.

“I was waiting for one of them to show their door and they never showed up,” Kuska said.

Carter finished second, while Friestad took third and Enderlin’s Randy Klein came from 11th to capture fourth. Carter has a 30-point lead over Carrington’s Kelly Hagel in the track standings.


They might be rivals on the track, but that doesn’t mean there’s no camaraderie between them.

Jamestown’s Kyle Anderson piloted to his fourth feature win of the season and his third at Jamestown Speedway while wearing Cory Rodin’s race-team T-shirt. Rodin, from Marion, finished second in Saturday’s 15-lap Bomber feature.

“We sort of traded shirts a couple weeks ago. I saw him wearing mine, so I’m like, ‘Well, I might as well put my Rodin shirt on,’” Anderson said. “I guess it was good luck tonight.”

The race was pretty much a debacle from the start. After 25 minutes, seven yellow flags had been displayed and only five laps had been recorded. Anderson won a similar caution-filled race here back on June 7.

“It was getting pretty ridiculous there,” Anderson said. “I really would have liked if a lot of those cautions wouldn’t have been there so we could have got going.”

The final 10 laps, however, stayed green to the end. Two-time 2014 Jamestown winner Chad Hausauer went to the top and took over the lead briefly from Anderson, but Anderson’s No. 59 came fighting back on the bottom to reclaim the point with five laps to go.

Anderson and Rodin started side-by-side in the fourth row, while Hausauer started 10th. Hausauer eventually fell back to seventh at the end, leaving Rodin to battle with Anderson for the win.

“When I saw Chad coming up on me there right in the middle of the race, I just knew I had to stay smart and straight,” Anderson said. “I just knew I had to stay consistent.”

Enderlin’s Alex Langland finished behind Rodin in third. Rodin has two feature wins here this summer, but Anderson’s three victories have given him a slim six-point lead over Rodin in the track standings.

“A little break was all right, but I’m glad to be back up there again,” Anderson said, who last won in Jamestown on July 5.

Jamestown Speedway

Saturday’s results

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature: 1, Brice Kuska; 2, Jarrett Carter; 3, Greg Friestad; 4, Randy Klein; 5, Bryan Kakela; 6, Ryan Lehr; 7, Spencer Johnson; 8, Joey Rowell; 9, Rob VanMil; 10, Jim Morlock; 11, Randy Kollman; 12, Kelly Hagel; 13, Landon Becker; 14, Shannon Schlenker; 15, Trent Grager; 16, Ryan Romans; 17, Andrew Michel; 18, Jordan Zillmer; 19, Travis Traut; 20, Eric Edwards; 21, Scott Bintz; 22, Tyler Peterson; 23, Tyler Schrenk; 24 Ryan Fike.

Consi 1: 1, Kollman; 2, Bintz; 3, Jay Sahr; 4, Steve Ost; 5, Gary Unrau; 6, John Clemens (DNF); 7, Erik Robertson (DNF); 8, Christopher Christian (DNF); 9, Terry Sahr (DNS); 10, Mike Greseth (DNS).

Consi 2: 1, Traut; 2, Grager; 3, John Corell; 4, Troy Hartman; 5, Jason Thoms; 6, Darren Pfau; 7, Lucas Rodin; 8, Preston Carr (DNF); 9, Ryan Cousins (DNF).

Heat 1: 1, T. Peterson; 2, Carter; 3, Klein; 4, Schrenk; 5, Christian; 6, Corell; 7, Carr; 8, Robertson.

Heat 2: 1, Michel; 2, Morlock; 3, Lehr; 4, Edwards; 5, Traut; 6, T. Sahr (DNF); 7, Ost (DNF); 8, Pfau (DNF).

Heat 3: 1, Kakela; 2, Friestad; 3, Schlenker; 4, Becker; 5, Kollman; 6, Grager; 7, J. Sahr; 8, Unrau.

Heat 4: 1, Kuska; 2, VanMil; 3, Rowell; 4, Fike; 5, Thoms; 6, Clemens; 7, Hartman (DNF); 8, Greseth (DNF).

Heat 5: 1, Johnson; 2, Hagel; 3, Zillmer; 4, Romans; 5, Bintz; 6, Rodin; 7, Cousins.


Feature: 1, Kyle Anderson; 2, Cory Rodin; 3, Alex Langland; 4, Matthew Kropp; 5, Devin Christ; 6, Jaren Wald; 7, Chad Hausauer; 8, Wyatt Rath-Wald; 9, Leann Christensen; 10, Justin Schempp; 11, Kasey Ussatis; 12, Bo Gregor; 13, Clay Houchin; 14, Jeremy Willman; 15, Lane Stoppleworth; 16, Josh Anderson; 17, Brad Rodin; 18, Byron Whetsel; 19, Ryan Ost (DNF); 20, Curt Michaelsohn (DNF); 21, Billy Carow (DNF); 22, Bill Bachmeier (DNF); 23, Ethan Barton (DNF); 24, Brandon Michel (DNF); 25, Larry Hanson (DNF).

Heat 1: 1, Kropp; 2, C. Rodin; 3, K. Anderson; 4, Hausauer; 5, J. Anderson; 6, Willman; 7, Christensen; 8, Michel.

Heat 2: 1, Michaelsohn; 2, Ost; 3, Langland; 4, Barton; 5, Bachmeier; 6, Ussatis; 7, Gregor; 8, Whetsel.

Heat 3: 1, Schempp; 2, Rath-Wald; 3, Carow; 4, Christ; 5, Wald; 6, Houchin; 7, Stoppleworth; 8, Hanson; 9, B. Rodin (DNF).

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