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Frustrated? Forget about it

I have people that email me frequently, some of whom like to give me a hard time.

I got one Friday that I kind of deserved, I guess.

Last year in the run up to the Jimmies playing the University of New Mexico, I mentioned a handful of times about a player named Kendall Williams becoming a potential NBA draftee. After watching Williams in person that night in Albuquerque, I realized there was little chance of Williams being drafted. Not because he isn’t a good player, but like 99.9 percent of us who play basketball, he simply is not good enough.

Incidentally, I should have been pimping Cameron Bairstow in those stories. Rarely do I feel small standing next to anybody, but the Australian Bairstow is a mountain of a man, who dwarfed me, and everyone else in the media room that November night, with his 6-foot-10, 255-pound frame. He’ll head for Chicago and try to earn a spot with the Bulls in the fall.

Paraphrasing, the email I got yesterday said, “You must be frustrated about that guy from New Mexico, who you said would get drafted, but didn’t.”

The loaded word there was “frustrated.”

Having grown up with the Vikings, Twins and Timberwolves, and now writing about the Blue Jays and Jimmies lo these many years, it takes a lot more than missing out on a projection of a second-round NBA draft choice to get me frustrated.

For example, the Timberwolves first-round pick in that same draft — a teenager named Zach LaVine, who rarely started for UCLA last season and seems destined to be the latest Wolves draft whiff, joining the likes of Ndudi Ebi (NBA commissioner David Stern’s announcement of this pick will never get old), Luc Longley, Felton Spencer, Gerald Glass, William Avery, J.R. Rider, Wesley Matthews, Christian Laettner, Rashad McCants, Shabazz Muhammad — this list literally could go on for another two or three paragraphs, but it’s too depressing, so I’ll quit.


How about as an 11-year-old looking forward to watching your first NBA game only to get to the Metrodome to discover your seats: “Dad, are they playing basketball down there?” They were, I think.

True frustration is being a Viking fan: “Frustrated Viking fan.” There are people who introduce themselves as such — 53 years and 0 Super Bowls will do that.

Escaping frustration in sports is impossible, as we all know. Keeping it in some perspective is the trick. Living in the north forces one to do so.

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Dave Selvig
Selvig has been a sports writer at The Sun since 1999 and sports editor since 2009.
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