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Jays post season-high score at home

John M. Steiner / The Sun Jamestown’s Alexis Triebenbach competes on the bars on Saturday.

Inflated scoring or not, the Jamestown gymnastics team had its best meet of the season on Saturday.

Behind a stellar day from sophomore Erin Hillerud, the Blue Jays posted a season-best 140.8 to win a four-team meet at the Jamestown Gymnastics Club.

“Maybe the scoring was just slightly up, but it’s not like we earned a 134 and got 140,” coach Dave Tews said. “It was a really good day for us. Whatever the score was, it was definitely our best meet of the season.”

Hillerud’s sparkling 36.35 all around featured wins on vault (9.25), bars (8.5) and beam (9.5).

“Those types of scores we’ve only since from Lind recently,” Tews said of Hillerud, referring to all-state standout Alex Lind. “Erin had a very good day. She earned what she got.”

There were plenty of other highlights.

Maggie Ridley had a career day. Her 34.1 all around included fourths on vault (9.0), bars (8.0) and floor (8.85).

“Maggie had a very good meet. She’s come on and done a nice job for us,” Tews said.

Alexis Triebenbach (32.9), Abbie Conlon (32.9), Kailey Alber (32.85) and Hannah Schiele (32.7) all had strong days. Triebenbach, an eighth-grader was second on bars (8.35) behind only Hillerud.

The Jays went 1-2-4-4 on vault with senior Glynna Godfrey’s 9.1 good for second.

“It was one of those where if someone was trying something new it appeared to work OK,” Tews said. “We had several girls that had career-type days. Now we want to build on that and hopefully add on a little more.”

The Jays scored 35.5 or better as a team on vault (36.35), beam (36.25) and floor (35.5).

“The scoring was really spread out and that’s certainly a good thing when you don’t have to count on a certain number of kids,” Tews said. “It’s nice if you can develop a little depth and the girls are doing a nice job.

“You could see in practice we’ve made some improvements, so to carry that into a meet was pretty encouraging.”

Grand Forks finished a distant second with 134.15. Wahpeton’s 131.45 was third.

The Blue Jays are back in action Friday at a meet in Fargo.

February Meet

Team results

1, Jamestown 140.8; 2, Grand Forks 134.15; 3, Wahpeton 131.45; 4, Grand Forks JV 86.3.

Individual results

(Top 3 and JHS results)

Bars: 1, Erin Hillerud, JHS, 8.5; 2T, Alexis Triebenbach, JHS, 8.35; 2T, Ashley Castellanos, GF, 8.35; 4T, Maggie Ridley, JHS, 8.0; 7, Hannah Schiele, 7.85; 10, Abbie Conlon, JHS, 7.55; 12T, Madison Mandan, 6.9; 15, Kaiann Arellano, JHS, 6.75; 16, Kailey Alber, JHS, 6.7; 20T, Glynna Godfrey, JHS, 6.0.

Beam: 1, Hillerud, 9.55; 2, Castellanos, 9.25; 3, Arellano, 9.1; 4, Conlon, 9.050; 7, Alber, 8.55; 9, Ridley, 8.25; 11T, Madison Mandan, 8.0; 11T, Schiele, 8.0; 15, Alexis Triebenbach, 7.75; 18T, Godfrey, 7.5; 28, Jenny Allmer, JHS, 5.8.

Floor: 1, Lizzie Brown, Wahpeton, 9.2; 2, Hillerud, 9.05; 3, Mandan, 9.0; 4, Ridley, 8.85; 7T, Alber, 8.6; 9, Triebenbach, 8.4; 11T, Schiele, 8.2; 17, Conlon, 7.85; 20, Godfrey, 7.6; 24, Allmer, 6.85.

Vault: 1, Hillerud, 9.25; 2, Godfrey, 9.1; 4T, Ridley, 9.0; 4T, Alber, 9.0; 14, Schiele, 8.65 17T, Conlon, 8.45; 17T, Mandan, 8.45; 25, Allmer, 7.9; 31. Jayden Diemert, JHS, 7.5.

All around: 1, Hillerud, 36.35; 2, Castellanos, 35.35; 3, Brown, 35.1; 4, Ridley, 34.1; 6T, Conlon, 32.9; 6T, Triebenbach, 32.9; 8, Alber, 32.85; 9T, Schiele, 32.7; 12, Mandan, 32.35; 14, Godfrey, 30.2; 19, Allmer 23.45.

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