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Soar to top score: Jays post season-best score at home

TOP: Jamestown’s Abbie Conlon competes on the vault on Friday at the Jamestown Gymnastics Club. (Photos by John M. Steiner / The Sun) 1 / 2
INSET: Kailey Alber swings from the uneven paralleled bars.2 / 2

It’s been a season of exceeding expectations for the Jamestown  gymnastics team.

After starting the season hoping for scores in the mid-130s, coach Dave Tews’ team posted a season-best 141.75 on Thursday in a three-team meet at Jamestown Gymnastics Club.

It was the third straight strong meet for the Blue Jays, who have only the West Region (Feb. 21) and state meets (Feb. 28-March 1) remaining.

“Maybe I underestimated them a little at the beginning,” said Tews. “They’ve made a lot of progress this season. It’s a credit to the girls.”

They’re peaking at the right time.

“It was our best meet,” Tews said. “You hate to say it, but we couldn’t do a whole lot wrong.

“We had many, many kids score for the team and their scores are going up.”

Sophomore standout Erin Hillerud qualified on that accord as she hung a season-best 37.4 all around on the board and swept every event, including beating two-time state champion Kiara Bock of Fargo Davies on the beam with a stellar 9.75. Bock’s 9.6 was second.

“Erin had a fantastic meet,” Tews said. “She’s taken it to a new level here recently.”

Hillerud also had a 9.65 on floor, 9.1 on vault and won bars at 8.9.

She had plenty of help, though, as all nine Blue Jays scored in the meet.

Abbie Conlon pushed her all-around score higher again with a personal-best 34.75, which was good for second.

Hannah Schiele (34.35), Kailey Alber (33.75) and Maggie Ridley (33.4) also hit new high-water marks.

“We have a lot of competition right now among the girls. Our depth has exceeded where we thought it would be and that’s great,” Tews said.

On vault, Madison Mandan, Glynna Godfrey, Alber and Alexis Triebenbach all tied for second behind Hillerud.

Triebenbach (8.4) and Conlon (8.3) gave the Blue Jays three of the top four marks on bars.

“You map it out that way and it’s awesome when it happens and things seem to come together,” Tews said. “It seems like they feed off each other.”

Next Friday in Dickinson, the Midgets and Minot will battle for the top spot, but the Blue Jays will be a strong contender for third. Same deal the following weekend at state in Minot.

“If we can perform like this we’ll certainly have a crack at it,” Tews said. “It’s been fun to see the girls come around the way they have. Hopefully we have a couple more good ones in us.”

February Invite

Team results

1, Jamestown 141.75; 2, Fargo Davies 136.75; 3, Fargo 126.45.

Individual results

(Top 3 and JHS results)

Vault: 1, Erin Hillerud, JHS, 9.1; 2T, Kailey Alber, JHS, 8.9; 2T, Madison Mandan, JHS, 8.9; 2T, Alexis Triebenbach, JHS, 8.9; 2T, Kim Hansen, Davies, 8.9; 2T, Glynna Godfrey, 8.9; 7T, Hannah Schiele, JHS, 8.8; 7T, Maggie Ridley, JHS, 8.8; 11, Abbie Conlon, JHS, 8.75; 16, Kaiann Arellano, 8.3.

Bars: 1, Hillerud, 8.9; 2, Anna Suppes, Davies, 8.45; 3, Triebenbach, 8.4; 4T, Conlon, 8.3; 6, Ridley, 8.05; 8T, Schiele, 7.9; 12, Alber, 7.7; 14, Arellano, 7.4; 15, Mandan, 6.95; 17, Godfrey, 6.4.

Beam: 1, Hillerud, 9.75; 2, Bock, 9.6; 3, Conlon, 9.1; 4, Schiele, 8.95; 6, Arellano, 8.65; 8, Alber, 8.45; 10, Mandan, 8.25; 12T, Ridley, 8.05.

Floor results: 1, Hillerud, 9.65; 2, Bock, 9.6; 3, Quincee Simonson, 9.1; 6, Arellano, 8.8; 7T, Alber, 8.7; 7T, Schiele, 8.7; 10T, Conlon, 8.6; 10T, Mandan, 8.6; 12, Godfrey, 8.55; 13, Ridley, 8.5.

All around: 1, Hillerud, 37.4; 2, Conlon, 34.75; 3T, Simonson, 34.5; 3T, Suppes, 34.5; 5, Schiele, 34.35; 6, Alber, 33.75; 7, Ridley, 33.4; 9, Arellano, 33.15; 10, Mandan, 32.7; 15, Godfrey, 23.85.

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