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Blue Jays finish strong: Hillerud 10th in all-around, bars

Jamestown senior Abbie Conlon competes in the floor exercise at the state gymnastics meet Saturday in Bismarck. (Tom Stromme / For the Sun)

Unfortunately for the Jamestown gymnastics team, Saturday was individual day.

As a team, Jamestown finished better on the second day of the state meet, held at Bismarck Century High School. Team scores were not kept, but coach Dave Tews said the Blue Jays would have finished fourth. They were fifth on team day on Friday.

“That was really nice,” Jamestown coach Dave Tews said. “We moved up. No doubt about it.”

It was an odd day, to say the least.

Three-time all-around champion Acacia Fossum, a sophomore for Dickinson, finished fourth overall, as Bismarck’s Kaylee Keller took home top honors in the all-around. Jessica Gabriel of Century, the senior athlete of the year, won the vault and bars, while Fargo Davies’ Kiara Bock was the balance-beam champion. Fossum won the floor.

Despite the presence of Bismarck High and Century at the top of each event, the two teams actually fell out of the top five, team-wise. They finished in the top five on Friday.

Jamestown was paced by sophomore Erin Hillerud, who capped a strong season with 10th place in the all-around (35.7). Tenth place on the bars (8.833) and 12th on the floor (9.267) aided the all-around effort by Hillerud, who became the Blue Jays’ top gymnast over the last half of the season.

The loss of former senior athlete of the year Alex Lind to graduation last season left a big hole to replace, namely at the top.

“(Erin’s) goal is to compete at that level,” Tews said. “She’s getting there. She’s pretty hard on herself. She’s trying to step up and be that person.”

The Jays had to go without junior Jenna Stilwell most of the season, and junior Jayden Diemert wasn’t able to participate at state. Both suffered injuries.

Seniors Kaiann Arellano, Glynna Godfrey, Jane Tang and Abbie Conlon graduate, but Tews is excited about the return of Hillerud, his two juniors and everybody else.

“Maybe I’ll have to raise our expectations a little more next year,” Tews said. “We’ll be losing some good seniors. But if we can get everyone healthy ... Hopefully, we can get these scores again. It’d be nice to start out this way and then see what we can build on.”

State gymnastics meet

At Bismarck Century

Individual Results


1. Jessica Gabriel, Century, 9.800. 2. Keana Kudrna, Dickinson 9.550. 3. Hannah Werchau, Minot, 9.467. 4. Madison Reiter, Minot, 9.450. 5. Acacia Fossum, Dickinson, 9.350. 6. Kaylee Keller, Bismarck, 9.333. 7. Whitney Perrin, Century, 9.300. 8. Mikaela Kessel, Dickinson, 9.183. 9. Katlin Kelley, Bismarck, 9.133. 10. Adisynn Widdel, Minot, 9.050.

11. Bethany Crump, Valley City, 8.983. 12. Lizzie Brown, Wahpeton, 8950. 13. (tie) Hailey Fix, Minot, and Stephanie Huether, Minot, 8.933. 15. (tie) Dacia Rambousek, Dickinson, and Quincee Simonson, Fargo, 8.900.

Uneven Bars

1. Jessica Gabriel, Century, 9.700. 2. Kaylee Keller, Bismarck, 9.667. 3. Keana Kudrna, Dickinson, 9.550. 4. Madison Reiter, Minot, 9.200. 5. Hannah Werchau, Minot, 9.183. 6. Acacia Fossum, Dickinson, 9.150. 7. Bethany Crump, Valley City, 9.017. 8. Jenna Breuer, Minot, 8.950. 9. Katlin Kelley, Bismarck, 8.850. 10. Erin Hillerud, Jamestown, 8.833.

11. Jenna Mueller, Dickinson, 8.800. 12. Mikaela Kessel, Dickinson, 8.783. 13. Faith Beck, Dickinson, 8.617. 14. Jill Mueller, Dickinson, 8.550. 15. Kelly Haman, Century, 8.500.

Balance Beam

1. Kiara Bock, Fargo Davies, 9.667. 2. Whitney Perrin, Century, 9.533. 3. Quincee Simonson, Fargo, 9.417. 4. (tie) Katlin Kelley, Bismarck, and Hannah Werchau, Minot, 9.383. 6. Kaylee Keller, Bismarck, 9.333. 7. Acacia Fossum, Dickinson, 9.317. 8. Jill Mueller, DIckinson, 9.283. 9. Mikaela Kessel, Dickinson, 9.217. 10. Jenna Mueller, Dickinson, 9.183.

11. Savanah Fix, Minot, 9.150. 12. Taylor Johnson, Valley City, 9.117. 13. Anna Suppes, Fargo Davies, 9.067. 14. Mckenzie Swallow, Mandan, 8.933. 15. Jessica Gabriel, Century, 8.817.

Floor Exercise

1. Acacia Fossum, Dickinson, 9.633. 2. Keana Kudrna, Dickinson, 9.600. 3. Whitney Perrin, Century, 9.567. 4. Hannah Werchau, Minot, 9.483. 5. (tie) Kaylee Keller, Bismarck, and Bethany Crump, Valley City, 9.433. 7. Mikaela Kessel, Dickinson, 9.417. 8. Jenna Breuer, Minot, 9.400. 9. Jessica Gabriel, Century, 9.350. 10. Kiara Bock, Fargo Davies, 9.333.

11. Taylor Johnson, Valley City, 9.317. 12. (tie) Stephanie Huether, Minot, and Erin Hillerud, Jamestown, 9.267. 14. Adisynn Widdel, Minot, 9.233. 15. Jill Mueller, Dickinson, 9.067.


1. Kaylee Keller, Bismarck, 37.767. 2. Jessica Gabriel, Century, 37.667. 3. Hannah Werchau, Minot, 37.517. 4. Acacia Fossum, Dickinson, 37.450. 5. Whitney Perrin, Century, 36.750. 6. Mikaela Kessel, Dickinson, 36.600. 7. Madison Reiter, Minot, 36.467. 8. Keana Kudrna, Dickinson, 36.433. 9. Katlin Kelley, Bismarck, 36.400. 10. (tie) Erin Hillerud, Jamestown, and Bethany Crump, Valley City, 35.700.

12. Taylor Johnson, Valley City, 35.550. 13. Jenna Breuer, Minot. 14. Stephanie Huether, Minot, 35.217. 15. Blythe Ehrmantraut, Bismarck, 34.900.


Senior athlete of the year: Jessica Gabriel, Century.

Coach of the year: Curt Sherbrooke, Century-Bismarck.

Other Jamestown results

Vault: 17T, Hillerud, 8.867. 28T, Maggie Ridley, 8.667.

Bars: 17, Kaiann Arellano, 8.467. 19T, Alexis Triebenbach, 8.350. 24, Ridley, 8.217. 30T, Abbie Conlon, 8.033.

Beam: 19, Erin Hillerud, 8.733. 21, Arellano, 8.617. 22, Conlon, 8.550.

Floor: 26, Madison Mandan, 8.700. 28, Ridley, 8.667. 29T, Arellano, 8.600.

All-around: 25T, Ridley, 33.433. 25T, Conlon, 33.433.

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