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Big day: Bennion, Azure lead JHS to record 36-hole finish

John M. Steiner / The Sun Sierra Bennion swings on Saturday.

The Jamestown High School girls golf team entered the season having never finished in the top three of a 36-hole tournament.

The Blue Jays can cross that off their list.

Led by Sierra Bennion’s 76 and a surprising 81 from Sarah Azure, Jamestown took third place with a 374-360—724 at the East-West Classic on Saturday at the Jamestown Country Club.

“It’s the best finish we’ve ever had to a tournament this big,” Jamestown coach Dean Kraft said.

With every team in attendance, the tournament mirrors the state tournament, which will also be played at the Jamestown Country Club.

Fargo Davies shot a 723 to edge Bismarck by one stroke. The Blue Jays beat Century by one stroke for third.

Kraft said the competition level is down this year, so it’s far from the team’s best score. Still, it’s an impressive feat for a season-opening meet.

“We shot a 691 here once, but still didn’t get third,” Kraft said. “The competition isn’t as good. Relative to the competition, however, that’s pretty good.”

Katie Kasper of Bismarck shot a 73 the first day and came back with a blistering 72 to win individual honors, edging Davies’ Jennifer Marsh by three strokes. Bennion shot a pair of 76s for a 152. The next highest finisher was 15 strokes away.

Jamestown’s pleasant surprise came from Azure, who shot a 95 the first day. She came back with a career-best 81 to finish sixth overall with a 176, not bad considering every team in the state was in action.

“She might have only been two or three over on her last 13 holes,” Kraft said. “She had a really good short game, very few putts and a lot of good up and downs. She hit the ball straight and had a good day.

Kraft said good things are in store for the Blue Jays if Azure stays out of the 90s.

“We can’t expect an 81 every time, but I expect mid-80s,” Kraft said. “She could be shooting that.”

Jamestown’s 360 was second-best on the second day and first among West Region teams. The Blue Jays also used the scores of Kaitlin Mullowney (100-101—201) and Mara LeFevre (103-102—205).

Savannah Kramlich shot a pair of 120s, and Hannah Jorgenson finished with a 141 on day 2 to round out Jamestown’s scorers.

The Blue Jays visit Minot’s Souris Valley Golf Course on Tuesday and it’ll be unfamiliar terrain as it was wiped out by the Souris River flood a few years ago and wasn’t open for prep competition until last spring.

“I don’t think any of our girls have seen it,” Kraft said. “Sierra maybe, but I think it’s a go-low course for our girls.”

East West Classic

at Jamestown Country Club


Team scores: 1, Davies 368-355—723. 2, Bismarck 255-369—724. 3, Jamestown 374-360—734. 4, Century 358-377—735. 5, Minot 376-381—757. 6, Mandan 393-370—763. 7, Grand Forks Red River 389-378—767. 8, Wahpeton 379-391—770. 9, Shanley 387-384—771. 10, Dickinson 412-391—803. 11, West Fargo 403-422—825. 12, Fargo North 419-411—830. 13, Fargo South 410-424—834. 14, Williston 426-434—860. 15, Grand Forks Central 425-444—869. 16, Turtle Mountain 498-519—1,017.

Top 10

1, Katie Kasper, Bis, 73-72—145. 2, Jennifer Marsh, Davies, 76-72—148. 3, Sierra Bennion, Jamestown, 76-76—152. 4, Savonnah Haselhorst, Wahp, 86-81—167. 5, KayCee Schulz, Mandan, 90-82—172. 6, Sarah Azure, Jamestown, 95-81—176. 7T, Anna Davison, Davies, 93-87—180. 7T, Abby Sklebar, North, 89-91—180. 7T, Hilary Whalen, GFRR, 92-88—180. 10, Kayla Smith, Century, 88-93—181.

By team

Davies (723): Jennnifer Marsh 76-72—148, Anna Davison 93-87—180, Jenna Forknell 94-91—185, Sierra Klose 105-105-210, Kacee Allard 114-122—236,

Bismarck (724): Katie Kasper 73-72—145, Kylie Bergan 87-105—192, Tonya Dvorak 92-101—193, Taylor Miller 103-95—198, Carissa Craven 109-101—210, Irelyn Huntley 108-105—213.

Jamestown (734): Sierra Bennion 76-76—152, Sarah Azure 95-81—176, Kaitlin Mullowney 100-101—201, Mara LeFevre 103-102—205, Savannah Kramlich 120-120—240, Emily Reiten 116-DNP—116, Hannah Jorgenson DNP-141—141.

Mandan (763): KayCee Schulz 90-82—172, Megan Broeckel 92-92—184, Paige Clausen 103-100—203, Payton Roehrich 110-96—206, Cortnie Mongeon 108-115—223, Brianne Hirchort 109-DNP—109, McKayla Swallow DNP-125—125.

GFRR (767): Haley Whalen 92-88—180, Morgan Hetletved 95-87—182, Alexis Caoili 98-96—194, Samantha DeBeltz 104-110-214, Lily Bredemeier 112-107—219, Kelly DeBeltz 104-129—233.

Wahpeton (770): Savonnah Haselhorst 86-81—167, Kelsey Darwin 98-98—196, Leslie Hibl 93-106—199, Emma Rubish 102-106—208, Jessica DeVillers 107-109—216, Laken Breuer 108-110—218.

Shanley (771): Payton Thimjon 91-97—188, Marcella Hanson 95-98—193, Katey Wold 100-95—195, Aly Corbid 105-94—199, Grace Dietz 101-99—200, Julia Wold 114-116—230.

Dickinson (771): Rachel Lantz 99-87—186, Sydney Charchenko 93-99—192, Gabby Knopik 104-103—207, Becca Fry 117-102—219, Daisia Wallner 116-116—232.

West Fargo (825): Kennedy Kraft 101-102—203, Sierra Peterson 104-104—208, Katie Froemke 96-103—209, Ashley Peterson 102-109—211, Maggie Manson 106-107—213, Katie Brown 108-119—227.

Fargo North (830): Abby Sklebar 89-91—180, Jamie Singelmann 110-103—213, Sarah Wenaas 111-104—214, Taylee Jensen 109-115—224, Abby Pladson 111-113—224.

Fargo South (410): Emily Grothmann 95-89—184, Olivia Koskela 96-115—211, Meredith Grothmann 109-109—218, Jordan Miesen 110-111—221, Laura Bolgrean 134-142—276, Karenna Grothmann 130-147—277.

Williston (860): Jami Wells 100-103—203, Maddison Melhoff 99-114—213, Whitney Pflug 117-104—221, Ella Pederson 112-113—225, Emily Alton 115-121—236, Mattie Johnson 126-129—255.

GF Central (869): Frankie Good 99-106—205, Taylor Ellingson 104-101—205, Lexie Mitchell 110-112—222, Jordan Reiter 112-125—237

Turtle Mountain (1,017): Nevaeh Davis 114-130—244, Halle Short 128-124—252, Erin Keplin 129-126—255, Tyra Jerome 127-139—266, Abbey Thomas 168-159—327.

Legacy (no score): Mallry Donlin 111-109—220, Kamryn Hellman 112-113—244, Logan Peterson 137-134—271.

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