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JHS girls capture meet

From front, Jamestown High School runners Maya Moltzen, Teralyn Coombs, Rachel Morin, Peyton Rudnick, Lindi Chadwick compete in Valley City on Friday. Photo courtesy Ken Gardner

The Blue Jay girls cross country team swept seven of the top eight spots to win the Valley City State University cross country meet on Friday.

Junior Rachel Morin led the way for Jamestown High, posting a solid second-place effort with a time of 12:47.08, and six more Blue Jays followed right behind her.

Jamestown’s low score of 20 was well ahead of Valley City’s second-place finish of 54.

“It was a smaller meet, but the girls came in first and our seven runners came in 2-3-4-5-6-7-8, and they were all within 34 seconds of each other,” JHS cross country coach Ken Gardner said. “That’s going to help us out, and as coaches it was nice to see that early in the season.”

Freshman Teralyn Coombs crossed in third (12:50.34) and just like clockwork came the rest of the Jays. Sophomores Ligia Schulz (12:50.95) and Maya Moltzen (12:58.30) were next, followed by eighth-grader Peyton Rudnick (12:04.34), junior Lindi Chadwick (13:09.06) and eighth-grader Amanda Sargeant (13:21.56).

Valley City’s Mikaylah Ross won the meet with a top time of 12:31.89.

“They were all right there with each other, and we maybe could have even run a little bit smarter to help each other out by running in a tighter pack,” Gardner said. “Most cross country runners and runners in general, when they get out there it’s about them in their own mind, fighting themselves and motivating themselves, but they have to learn to run together. Working together and making it more of a team aspect.

“It might take a little more practice and figuring it out, but as we go along that should help us.”

Medina took top honors on the boys side, with senior Nick Thomas winning with a time of 13:54.62. But right behind Thomas was Jamestown junior Kyle Schumacher.

Schumacher second-place run clocked in at 14:11.74. Jamestown freshman Leo Fremgen (15:20.52) and Justus Naumann (15:27.43) finished back-to-back in fourth and fifth, respectively.

“It was another strong run for Kyle. He finished second last week and was second again today,” Gardner said. “We were hoping he’d pull it out, but (Thomas) ran real tough. Medina is a legitimate team and should turn some heads in Class B this year I think.”

Medina’s team score of 28 just edged out the Blue Jays’ 32.

“I talked to Kyle about it, and this is not the high point of our season,” Gardner said. “We’re shooting for the state meet. We did a tougher workout (Thursday) and he might have been a little sore.

“Leo and Justus, anytime you get freshmen placing at varsity meets only bodes well for the future.”

Jamestown seniors Hunter Braunberger and Dakota Wagner, along with sophomore Luke Bowman, finished 10-11-12. Medina’s Jeremiah Heupel, Alex Irlmeier and Alex Huff crossed 7-8-9.

The Blue Jays will be at the West Fargo Invite in Moorhead next Saturday.

Valley City State University CC meet

Valley City Country Club


Team scores

1, Medina 28; 2, Jamestown 32; 3, Valley City 85; 4, Richland 109; 5, Garrison 112.


1, Nick Thomas, M, 13:54.62; 2, Kyle Schumacher, J, 14:11.74; 3, Landon Krapp, M, 14:28.55; 4, Leo Fremgen, J, 15:20.52; 5, Justus Naumann, J, 15:27.43; 6, Casey Engelhard, VC, 15:58.37; 7, Jeremiah Heupel, M, 16:07.08; 8, Alex Irlmeier, M, 16:16.02; 9, Alex Huff, M, 16:16.90; 10, Hunter Braunberger, J, 16:17.65; 11, Dakota Wagner, J, 16:29.81; 12, Luke Bowman, J, 16:32.39; 13, Cody PerDue, M, 17:06.14; 14, Nathan Johnson, VC, 17:21.68; 15, Dan Reimers, J, 17:22.30; 16, Mikey Meester, VC, 17:28.11; 17, Brendan Wick, M, 18:14.14; 18, Isaac Perman, G, 19:14.65; 19, Zach Ringdahl, R, 19:58.84; 20, Tristan Walters, R, 20:26.43; 21, Reese Pederson, R, 20:30.43; 22, Noah Larson, G, 20:47.11; 23, Braden Larson, G, 20:47.86.


Team scores

1, Jamestown 20; 2, Valley City 54; 3, Velva 69; 4, Garrison 107; 5, Medina 111.


1, Mikaylah Ross, VC, 12:31.89; 2, Rachel Morin, J, 12:47.08; 3, Teralyn Coombs, J, 12:50.34; 4, Ligia Schulz, J, 12:50.95; 5, Maya Moltzen, J, 12:58.30; 6, Peyton Rudnick, J, 13:04.34; 7, Lindi Chadwick, J, 13:09.06; 8, Amanda Sargeant, J, 13:21.56; 9, Barbara Zubrod, VC, 13:25.33; 10, April Berntson, VC, 13:32.33; 11, Jonnah Lee, V, 14:12.64; 12, Jessica Ronning, VC, 14:13.18; 13, Ellie Lou Johnston, V, 14:38.21; 14, Rachel Mack, V, 14:45.51; 15, Kerrigan Krueger, V, 14:54.89; 16, Cheyenne Anderson, V, 14:58.46; 17, Ashley Wolff, M, 15:14.08; 18, Megan Johnson, G, 15:24.42; 19, Hope Brewer, V, 15:49.43; 20, Jessica Dimitch, G, 16:52.62; 21, Emily Odland, V, 17:46.96.

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