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Jamestown's Colton Carlson competes in the backstroke on Thursday night. John M. Steiner / The Sun1 / 2
Dayden Renwick swims in the 200-meter individual medley during Thursday night's triple dual at the Jamestown High School pool. John M. Steiner / The Sun2 / 2

A light atmosphere underscored the competition on Thursday at the JHS pool.

The Jamestown High School boys swimming and diving team concluded the regular season hosting a triple dual against Fargo South, Moorhead (Minn.) and Wahpeton.

"It was a fun atmosphere," Jamestown coach Ben Smith said. "The coaching staffs are all really good friends. It was fun to see our teams compete against each other."

Moorhead edged Jamestown 98-88 in the team standings, while Fargo South swam away with victories over the Blue Jays (123-63) and the Spuds (114-72). Wahpeton has just two athletes on its roster.

Jamestown junior Jonas Flann and sophomore Cole Rasmusson led the charge for the Jays. Flann touched in 22.83 seconds to win the 50 freestyle, while Rasmusson was tops in the 500 free in 5 minutes, 31.26 seconds.

Flann also captured third in the 100 butterfly (1:02.00), and, along with brother Luca Flann, Colton Carlson and Noah Haglund, helped lead the 200 medley relay team to second place on the podium (1:50.23).

Blue Jays' senior Dayden Renwick's swim of 2 minutes, 23.26 seconds in the 200 individual medley was second best. He also scored a fourth-place run in the 100 breaststroke (1:14.38).

"It was the last chance for kids to compete in events they might not get to at the WDA or the state meet," Smith said. "But we still did really well. We had personal-best times across the board in a lot of events."

Haglund snatched fourth in both the 100 backstroke (1:06.06) and 500 free (5:49.35). Carlson swam to third place in the 200 IM (2:23.78), while Tyler Bjorgaard touched fifth in the 200 free (2:03.16).

Senior Isaac Roy led the Blue Jay divers with a fourth-place effort of 173.60.

Jamestown has over a week to prepare before hosting the West Region meet, scheduled for Feb. 25 at the JHS pool. The state meet starts March 3 in Bismarck.

"We'll start resting tomorrow for WDA and then really start to fine-tune our technique," Smith said. "We love swimming at our home pool, and it'll be really nice not to travel anywhere.

"We're excited. It'll be a great experience for the West."

Jamestown High School Triple Dual

Jamestown 128, Wahpeton 19

Moorhead (Minn.) 98, Jamestown 88

Fargo South 123, Jamestown 63

Individual winners and Blue Jay results

200 medley relay: 1. FS (Josh Olson, Luke Bergstrom, Luke Quibell, Massimo Sassi), 146.47; 2. J (Noah Haglund, Colton Carlson, Luca Flann, Jonas Flann), 1:50.23. 7. J (Dayden Renwick, Zack Steinberger, Jacob Anteau, Cole Rasmusson), 2:05.21.

200 freestyle: 1. Anthony Hollingsworth, FS, 1:56.65; 5. Tyler Bjorgaard, J, 2:03.16. 8. Ben Weinzierl, J, 2:2:18.83.

200 IM: 1. Jack Mehus, FS, 2:18.73; 2. Renwick, J, 2:23.26; 3. Carlson, J, 2:23.78.

50 freestyle: 1. J. Flann, J, 22.83; 6. L. Flann, J, 25.28; 9. Steinberger, J, 25.80.

Diving: 1. Brian Hoffman, M, 257.30; 4. Isaac, Roy, J, 173.60; 5. Gage Poland, J, 170.80; 8. Cameron Winstead, J, 144.05.

100 butterfly: 1. Luke Quibell, FS, 1:00.73; 3. J. Flann, J, 1:02.00; 6. Bjorgaard, J, 1:06.52; 8. Anteau, J, 1:08.71.

100 freestyle: 1. Hollingsworth, FS, 52.75; 7. Carlson, J, 56.52; 9. Weinzierl, J, 1:00.94; 10. Peter Weinzierl, 1:13.08.

500 freestyle: 1. Rasmusson, J, 5:31.26; 4. Haglund, J, 5:49.35.

200 freestyle relay: 1. FS (Massimo, Hollingsworth, Bergstrom, Sassi), 1:35.21; 3. J (Steinberger, L. Flann, Renwick, Bjorgaard), 1:42.20; 8. J (Logan Henke, Justus Kiecker, Garret Wright, Malik Krahler), 2:05.80.

100 backstroke: 1. Josh Olson, FS, 59.17; 4. Haglund, J, 1:06.06.

100 breaststroke: 1. Bergstrom, FS, 1:08.33; 4. Renwick, J, 1:14.38; 5. L. Flann, 1:16.69; 6. Ryder Koch, J, 1:19.80; 7. Kaden Murray, J, 1:22.01.

400 freestyle relay: 1. M (Adam Altendorf, Erik Dougherty, Alex Dougherty, Shane Williams), 3:33.43; 3. J (J. Flann, Carlson, Bjorgaard, Rasmusson), 3:40.32; 8. J (Haglund, Anteau, B. Weinzierl, Aiden Ash), 4:17.35.