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Spring football on hold for Jimmies — again

Snow covers the practice field behind the YMCA where the Jimmie football team pratices. John M. Steiner The Sun

A week ago, things looked promising for spring practice for the Jimmie football team.

But that was before Mother Nature opened a can and unleashed her flurry, dumping nearly a foot of snow, blanketing previously clear practice fields.

Originally scheduled to start March 31, then pushed back to April 7, head coach Shawn Frank is now targeting April 14, tentatively, of course, for the start of spring football. If that doesn’t work, they’ll wait until after the Easter break and try then. If need be, they’ll wait it out until the very early days of May prior to the school year ending.

With the schedule already condensed, there will be no spring game, they’re simply hoping to practice.

“We’ll go Saturdays and Sundays if we have to,” Frank said. “We’ll get creative if that’s what’s necessary, but I’m confident we’ll be able to get out at some point.”

Frank and his coaching staff know the drill all too well.

Last season’s winter, which dribbled deep into spring, forced spring ball to be cancelled altogether. Frank is determined to avoid that scenario again.

“Last year I was so danged depressed about how it unfolded, that this year I’m just trying to stay positive and hopeful that the weather will break,” Frank said. “The encouraging thing is that our players and our coaching staff are taking it all in stride. The spirits in our lifting sessions yesterday were high.

“We have a lot of kids that grew up around here. They know the deal.”

There is urgency to get on the field this spring.

With a new offensive coordinator (Josh Kittell) in the fold, there is the added necessity of getting on the field.

“Everything is brand new. New system, obviously new coach with coach Kittell, so it is important to get those mental reps and seeing it live opposed to on a greaseboard,” Frank said. “The coaches and quarterbacks have been meeting. There’s been a lot of classroom work, and game footage reinforcement relative to what we want to put in, so we’re getting good things accomplished.”

With quarterback Beau Eriksson returning for his junior season, and a nice group of wide receivers and running backs also back, the Jimmie offense looks good on paper, but getting on the field together has obvious benefits.

“We’re going to be putting in new stuff, so you’d like to get out there and see things live opposed to just sitting at a desk or watching film,” Frank said. “And you like to start building chemistry and those sorts of things that you can only do when you’re on the field.”

In terms of getting outside, there’s more to it than just melting the snow. The frost had started to come out of the ground with the warm up of March, but with the recent cold snap that too remains a problem as the fields continue to be pretty firm. A week of 50-plus degree temps probably would do the trick, although nobody is going to hold their breath.

“Another storm and the writing would be on the wall,” Frank said. “But we’re not going to think about that. We’re staying positive and hoping for the best.”

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