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Men within striking distance

Rocky Mountain College’s men’s golf team is ranked 25th in the NAIA.

Monday, the Jimmies finished just six strokes behind them in the opening round of the Klosterman Spring Classic at the Jamestown Country Club.

It was the first outside outing of the spring half of the season for the Jimmies, leaving coach Dustin Jensen pleased.

“I can’t complain. It was OK, but not perfect golf obviously, but a lot of the mistakes we made can be attributed to this being our first time playing tournament-golf,” Jensen said. “You go through the scorecards of our top five and each one of them had a double or triple bogey and a lot of that is just playing for the first time.

“We talk all the time about being patient and putting yourself in good position. Well, we’re six shots behind a top 25 team going into the second round. We’ll take that.”

Rocky Mountain’s women’s team is ranked 11th in the NAIA and had three sub-80 rounds. The Jimmies are a ways off from competing with the Battlin Bears, but the opportunity to play alongside is valuable.

“All our girls played within the range of where we thought they’d be,” Jensen said. “Just the experience of getting to play against players of that caliber is a great experience in that we can look and say, ‘That’s what it takes.’ And in some cases we’re not that far away.”

Kameron Hunter’s 76 led the Jimmie men, who are at 310, six back of RMC’s 304 heading into play today, which begins at 9 a.m.

“Kam’s been a consistently good player for us. What we’ve worked on a lot the last two-plus years is mental toughness,” Jensen said. “He’s a long hitter, and sometimes the driver gets him in trouble. Today, he used the driver three times. We’ve really tried to dial it back and make good decisions and for the most part today he did a good job of doing that.”

Tyler Baukol and Chris Rochon were one back of Hunter with 77s. Michael Strain’s 78 was next, while projected No. 1 Tommy Rockis was a bit off with a 79. Trent Hagenson also carded a 79 and his twin brother Mitch ended at 83.

Concordia’s Coy Papachek was one shot from even par and leads after a 73.

RMC had the top three women’s scores with Katy Peterson’s 77 on top.

Ashley Barnhart, as expected, led the Jimmies with an 87 and was a few stray shots from an even better round.

“She had a few holes that got away from her, but if you limit those by a shot here and there, she’s not far away from a couple players that are in the top 10 in the country,” Jensen said.

Emily Larson (92) had an off round, while Payton Koenig (93) rounded out the top three for the Jimmies.

Klosterman Spring Classic

At Jamestown Country Club


Par 72, 6,725 yards

Team results

1, Rocky Mountain College (Mont.) 304; 2, University of Jamestown 310; 3, Concordia College 312; 4, Minnesota State Community & Technical College-Fergus Falls 322, 5, Valley City State 33; 6, Dickinson State 348.

Individual results

1, Coy Papachek, CC, 73; 2, Daniel Thompsett, RMC, 74; 3T, Austin Harper, DSU, 75; 3T, Brandon Sletmoen, MSFF, 75; 5T, Cooper Simpson, RMC, 76; 5T, Kameron Hunter, UJ, 76; 7T, Tayler Noble, RMC, 77; 7T, Jordy Donoven, RMC, 77; 7T, Tyler Baukol, UJ, 77; 7T, Chris Rochon, UJ, 77; 11T, Alex Koopminers, CC, 78; 11T, Michael Strain, UJ, 78; 13T, Tommy Rockis, UJ, 79; 13T, Ben Sorenson, VCSU, 79; 13T, Trent Hagenson, UJ, 79; 16T, Cade Montplaisir, CC, 80; 16T, Trevor Swangler, 80; 16T, Hunter Anderson, RMC, 80; 20T, Mike Waataja, CC, 81.

21T, Jared Cowden, MSFF, 82; 21T, Brady Roberson, MSFF, 82; 23T, Max Smith, CC, 83; 23T, Mitch Hagenson, UJ, 83; 23T, Rob Goff, MSFF, 83; 23T, Darren Young, VCSU, 83; 23T, Jake Richels, VCSU, 83; 23, Nathan Cachia, RMC, 83; 23T, Fredrik Savestrand, RMC, 83; 23T, Tyler Stevens, VCSU, 83; 32, David Vaughn, CC, 84; 33T, Matt Wagner, MSFF, 86; 33T, Casey Clemer, VCSU, 86; 34, Trevor Justesen, VCSU, 87; 35T, Nathan Eason, DSU, 88; 35T, Shane Ost, VCSU, 88; 37, Kale Overson, DSU, 89; 38, Beau Diegel, VCSU, 90; 39, Jeremy Beehler, DSU, 96.


Par 72, 5,850 yards

Team results

1, Rocky Mountain 317; 2, Jamestown 377

Individual results

1, Katy Peterson, RMC, 77; 2T, Kyla Clancy, RMC, 78; 2T, McKenzie Webinger, RMC, 78; 4, Chere Anderson, RMC, 84; 5T, Ashley Barnhart, RMC, 87; 5T, Allie Sauvageau, RMC, 87; 7, Mary Hlebechuk, DSU, 88; 8, Margo Salsbery, RMC, 89; 9, Emily Larson, UJ, 92; 10, Payton Koenig, UJ, 93; 11, Haley Christofferson, VCSU, 94; 12T, Rebekah Kramer, UJ, 99; 12T, Brianna Stein, UJ, 99; 13T, Danielle O’Donnell, DSU, 105; 13T, Kiley Fuller, UJ, 105; 14, Alyssa Hartert, UJ, 109; 15, Mackenzie Schwartz, UJ, 118.

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