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ID required on empty fish houses

Anglers kept off North Dakota lakes last winter because of record snowfall are finding access to frozen waters much easier so far this year.

Robert Timian, enforcement chief for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, said many anglers are taking advantage of this year's improved travel conditions. "There already has been a flurry of ice fishing activity, especially in the eastern half of the state," Timian said. "With that said, anglers need to be reminded that unoccupied fish houses left on the ice must be identified."

Timian said if a fish house is left unattended, the owner's name, and either address or telephone number, must be displayed on the outside with letters or numbers of at least three inches in height.

"Even though fish houses in North Dakota are not required to be licensed, most people know that identification is required on unoccupied fish houses," Timian said.