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Dakota recreation report for June 25, 2010

Jamestown Sun

Dakota Recreation Report

June 25, 2010

Patricia Stockdill

Outdoor Notes:

Wednesday: Fall turkey applications due.


Sat. & Sun.: Devils Lake, Lakewood; Lake Audubon.


Devils Lake elevation, June 23: 1,451.92 feet above mean sea level (msl).

Stump Lake elevation, June 23: 1,451.99 msl.

Lake Sakakawea elevation, June 23: 1,845.8 msl; 14,000 cubic feet per second average Garrison Dam daily releases.

N.D. Game & Fish Dept. Dist. Game Wardens: Lake Ashtabula slowed. Devils Lake remains OK for walleye. The Sheyenne River from Valley City to Kathryn and through Lisbon has good flows for this time of year with above average walleye, northern pike, and bass success. Red River remains slow. Lake Audubon fair for walleye. Missouri River remains OK for walleye from the cable crossing down river. Lake Sakakawea remains slow.

Coal Mine Lake, Anamoose: Slow with light fishing pressure.

Devils Lake, C&M Bait, Black Tiger Bay, Devils Lake: When there's stable weather anglers are finding fair to good for walleye success but have to move around with so much unstable weather making it difficult to pattern fish. Try spinners with nightcrawlers or leeches in 12 to 14 feet. Also try the shallows with crankbaits.

Devils Lake, Ed's Bait & Tackle, Devils Lake: Devils Lake still somewhat slow for walleye. Those finding success are trolling spinners and bottom bouncers, pitching crankbaits in the shallows or using slip bobbers in the trees. Try areas such as Pelican Lake, Fort Totten, Howard's Bay or East Devils Lake. Best success is evening and dark. Anglers are working hard during the day to find fish.

Devils Lake, Lakeview Lodge, Devils Lake: Work deep for better walleye success. Try trolling or pulling lead-core. Also try newly flooded areas in the shallow weeds. Northern pike moving deeper, as well. Fair to good for white bass. Try Penny Bay.

Devils Lake, West Bay Resort, Minnewaukan: Storms and inconsistent weather patterns slowing fishing with spotty success.

Devils Lake, Woodland Resort, Creel Bay, Devils Lake: Improving walleye success. Work shallow using crankbaits or slip bobbers. White bass remain good using crankbaits or minnows in the shallows. Northern pike remain good and are mixed in with the bass and walleye.

Goose Lake, Harvey: Slow.

Harvey Dam, Harvey: Fair for northern pike.

Jamestown Reservoir, Dan's Sooper Stop, Jamestown: Continued good for walleye.

Jamestown Reservoir, Pioneer Bait Shop, Jamestown: Unstable weather limiting activity but those going out continue getting crappie and walleye.

Lake Ashtabula, Bayshore, Valley City: Fair for walleye with continued improving bass success and some nice-sized perch mixed in. Lake elevation is on the rise again but unstable weather likely influencing fishing success more so than elevation.

Lake Isabel, Dawson: Fair for small northern pike but are better for catch-and-release more so than keepers.

Lake Josephine, Tuttle: Slow for walleye.

Lake Sakakawea, Cenex Bait & Tackle, Garrison: Lake Sakakawea slowly starting to improve for walleye. Try variety of presentations, bait, and depths from shallow down to 40 feet working Garrison or Douglas bays as well as east end. Lots of water coming into the lake so it's hard to pattern fish. Lake Audubon fair for smallmouth bass and walleye. Work 3 to 12 feet using Lindy rigs or spinners and variety of bait. Best success remains from Washburn to Stanton on Missouri River. Tailrace fair at best.

Lake Sakakawea, Indian Hills Resort, Garrison: Mixed sauger success. Try 30 feet working east of the pump house with Lindy rigs and minnows.

Missouri River, Dakota Tackle, Bismarck: Most Missouri River activity is north around Washburn or south around Langelier's Bay. Try nightcrawlers, leeches or crankbaits.

Pipestem Reservoir, Dan's Sooper Stop, Jamestown: Walleye remain spotty.

Pipestem Reservoir, Pioneer Bait Shop, Jamestown: Not many reports but there's a good number of anglers on the lake.

Red River, Riverkeepers, Fargo: Just a reminder about caution as trees slump into the Red River with its normal action of moving side-to-side. Continued fishing activity with lots of boats accessing at Convent Landing ramp on 52nd Ave S in Fargo.

Spiritwood Lake, Dan's Sooper Stop, Jamestown: Continued good for walleye.

Spiritwood Lake, Pioneer Bait Shop, Jamestown: Continued smallmouth bass and walleye activity.

N.D. River Report, June 23:

Baldhill Creek, Dazey: Streamflow, 50 cfs; creek stage, 6.83 feet.

James River, Grace City: Streamflow, 155 cfs; river stage, 5.77 feet.

James River, Jamestown: Streamflow, 908 cfs; river stage, 8.11 feet.

Pipestem Creek, Pingree: Streamflow, 31 cfs; river stage, 5.27 feet.

Red River, Fargo: Streamflow, 931 cfs; river stage, 15.88 feet.

Sheyenne River, Cooperstown: River stage, 12.21 feet.

Sheyenne River, Valley City: River stage, 6.68 feet.

Numbers to know:

N.D. Game & Fish Department, main Bismarck office: 328-6300; Web site: (

N.D. Game & Fish Department, Jamestown office: 253-6480.

RAP, Report All Poachers: (800) 472-2121.