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Dakota Recreation report for Nov. 15, 2013

Jamestown Sun

Dakota Recreation               Report

Nov. 15, 2013

Patricia Stockdill

Outdoor Notes:

Nov. 24: Deer gun and early season zone 1 mountain lion seasons close.

Nov. 25: Mountain lion zone 1 late season opens.

Nov. 26: N.D. Game & Fish Dept. advisory board meeting, Anamoose VFW Club, Anamoose, 7 p.m.

Nov. 29: Muzzleloader deer season opens.


Devils Lake elevation, Nov. 13: 1,452.2 feet above mean sea level (MSL).

Stump Lake elevation: 1,452.51 MSL.

Lake Sakakawea elevation: 1,834.55 MSL; 13,000 cubic feet per second average (CFS) Garrison Dam daily releases.

N.D. Game & Fish Dept. Dist. game wardens: No reports.

Devils Lake, Ed’s Bait & Tackle, Devils Lake: Activity remains light, although a few anglers are fishing around the bridges from both boat and shore. Docks are out of the water on area ramps.

Devils Lake, Lakeview Lodge, Devils Lake: No activity on the lake.

Devils Lake, Woodland Resort, Creel Bay, Devils Lake: Limited activity and no reports.

Foster County area lakes, Dry Dock, Carrington: No activity on area lakes.

Jamestown Reservoir, Pioneer Bait Shop, Jamestown: Area lakes are gaining ice with no activity until conditions are safe enough to access. Look for some activity below area reservoir spillways, weather permitting.

Jamestown Reservoir, Sooper Stop, Jamestown: Limited activity and no new reports.

Lake Ashtabula, Bayshore, Valley City: The lake is gaining a thin layer of ice with no activity.

Lake Sakakawea, Cenex Bait & Tackle, Garrison: Lake Sakakawea, Lake Audubon, and Missouri River are all generally quiet.

Lake Sakakawea, Scott’s Bait & Tackle, Pick City: Limited angling activity on Lake Sakakawea and the Missouri River, although an occasional walleye from shore on the river. Limited walleye success west of Beulah Bay on Lake Sakakawea.

Lonetree WMA area lakes, Harvey: Area lakes icing over with no activity.

Missouri River, Dakota Tackle, Bismarck: Limited activity on the Missouri River but try Cattail Bay for eater-sized fish. Tailrace producing some catfish. Some pike activity at Cherry Lake and Moffit Creek.

Pipestem Reservoir, Pioneer Bait Shop, Jamestown: No activity with the lake just starting to ice over.

Pipestem Reservoir, Sooper Stop, Jamestown: No new reports.

Red River, River Keepers, Fargo: Light fishing pressure with the focus on waterfowl hunting. Occasional walleye but overall success is slow. Try live bait presentations.

Spiritwood Lake, Pioneer Bait Shop, Jamestown: Limited activity.

Spiritwood Lake, Sooper Stop, Jamestown: No activity with the lake just starting to ice over.


Arrowwood NWR, Pingree: Most snow geese moved south last weekend and early last week with only a few small, lingering flocks of Canada and snow geese. The area around the refuge is holding less than 1,000 Canada and Snow geese each compared to many thousands of birds earlier. All lakes froze over with few open patches.

N.D. Game & Fish Dept. Dist. game wardens: Peak of southeastern and south-central waterfowl hunting is likely behind hunters with the peak of waterfowl migration likely over, although more Canada geese and mallards continue moving in and around Richland, Sargent, Dickey, and LaMoure counties. Some of the largest flocks of the season were reported through Barnes and southwest Cass County up to Steele and Traill counties. Birds are still in the area but scouting continues to be important to find pockets of birds scattered and spread out. Try field decoys or pass shooting with most small wetlands and lakes iced over. Completion of corn harvest is helping more pheasants to show up but limits in Richland, Sargent, and Ransom counties are rare. Mixed deer success with better reports on less windy days and in areas where row crop harvest is complete. Better success is coming to hunters walking shelterbelts, slough edges, and thicker cover.

East-central N.D.: Lots of waterfowl hunting activity but deer success is somewhat slow.

Lonetree WMA, Harvey: Many waterfowl moved out over the weekend, although some scattered waterfowl remain in central N.D. Focus on larger water bodies with small and mid-sized ones iced over. Spotty deer success with overall fewer numbers.

Northeast N.D.: Wetlands are icing over, although Devils Lake is still open, and a lot of waterfowl are moving out.

Southeast N.D.: Continued waterfowl activity, although the birds are definitely migrating south.

West-central N.D.: Good numbers of waterfowl along Lake Sakakawea and Lake Audubon with cold weather icing over smaller water bodies and pushing birds to remaining open water. Not many reports on deer success, although it could improve when corn harvest is done and the rut is fully underway.

Numbers to know:

N.D. Game & Fish Department, main Bismarck office: 328-6300; website: (

N.D. Game & Fish Department, Jamestown office: 253-6480.

RAP, Report All Poachers: (800) 472-2121.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Bismarck, website: (