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Dakota recreation report for July 11, 2014

Jamestown Sun

Dakota Recreation                    Report

July 11, 2014

Patricia Stockdill


July 11 & 12: Devils Lake, Grahams Island.

July 12: Lake Sakakawea, Wolf Creek; Lake Sakakawea, Fort Stevenson.

July 18-19: Lake Sakakawea, Fort Stevenson.

July 19: Jamestown Reservoir; Rice Lake; Lake Sakakawea, Fort Stevenson, N.D. Junior Governor’s Cup.


Devils Lake elevation, July 9: 1,453.39 feet above mean sea level (MSL).

Stump Lake elevation: 1,453.51 MSL.

Lake Sakakawea elevation: 1,845.97 MSL; 29,000 cubic feet per second average (CFS) Garrison Dam daily releases.

N.D. Game & Fish Dept. Dist. game wardens:  Stable weather is helping to drop the Red and Sheyenne rivers but fast flows remain on the Sheyenne River from Valley City down to Kathryn and Fort Ransom. Look for a few bass, walleye, pike, and catfish in slower current and backwaters. Catfish are improving on the Red River but the water needs to keep dropping for improving access and action. Try deep holes and snags using cut bait goldeye. Feeder creeks and drains are better for walleye. Richland, Sargent, LaMoure, McIntosh, and other south central and southeastern lakes are producing some success using a variety of techniques along weed edges in 10 to 15 feet. Anglers are marking fish and catching small walleyes on bottom bouncers and spinners with nightcrawlers and leeches. Try perch or gold patterns or white and silver. Bigger fish seem to be coming by casting crankbaits or jigs tipped with soft plastics. Pike are mixed in with the walleyes and biting on the same presentations. Devils Lake is fair to good but inconsistent. Most fish are on the smaller side. Coe Lake OK for perch with occasional walleye mixed in. Lake Sakakawea spotty and slow with some small walleye. Better success was on the north shore around Nishu Bay.

Devils Lake, Ed’s Bait & Tackle, Devils Lake: Good numbers of 15- to 18-inch walleye throughout many areas of Devils Lake. Try 8 to 15 feet with spinners and leeches or nightcrawlers or crankbaits in the shallows of 4 to 8 feet on windy days for bigger fish.

Devils Lake, Lakeview Lodge, Devils Lake: Pelican Lake producing bigger walleye but eater-sized fish are being found throughout Devils Lake. Try a variety of presentations. Continued pike success.

Devils Lake, Woodland Resort, Creel Bay, Devils Lake: Continued good walleye success using spinners and bottom bouncers with nightcrawlers. Work weed beds along Howard’s Bay, Grahams Island, Highway 57, north end of Creel Bay, Pelican Lake, and Black Tiger Bay in 7 to 40 feet.

Foster County area lakes, Dry Dock, Carrington: Limited fishing on Lake Metigoshe with limited reports from other north-central area lakes.

Jamestown Reservoir, Pelican Point, Jamestown: Lots of activity but fishing reports are light.

Jamestown Reservoir, Pioneer Bait Shop, Jamestown: Small area lakes remain fair to good with best success in the early morning or late evening. Smaller fish are biting during the day. Jamestown Reservoir also producing an evening walleye and crappie bite.

Jamestown Reservoir, Sooper Stop, Jamestown: Not many reports but lots of activity over the holiday weekend.

Lake Ashtabula, Ashtabula Crossing, Luverne: Generally good success for walleye with a few pike mixed in. Bass slowed somewhat and bullheads were quiet. Work throughout the lake using a variety of presentations and bait.

Lake Ashtabula, Bayshore, Valley City: Good for a nice mix of walleye and perch. Try a variety of presentations.

Missouri River, Dakota Tackle, Bismarck: OK success on Lake Audubon for small walleye. Work a variety of depths on Lake Sakakawea with rising water levels. Lots of recreational boating on the Missouri River around Bismarck-Mandan with most fishing activity north and south of Bismarck. OK success on Alkaline Lake. Lake Josephine slow.

Pipestem Reservoir, Pioneer Bait Shop, Jamestown: Improving crappie success below the spillway with higher releases in recent days.

Pipestem Reservoir, Sooper Stop, Jamestown: Not many reports.

Red River, River Keepers, Fargo: Steady catfish success on the Red River but patience is the key.

Spiritwood Lake, Pioneer Bait Shop, Jamestown: A few anglers still finding smallmouth bass success in the evening.

Spiritwood Lake, Sooper Stop, Jamestown: Not many reports.

N.D. river gauge height and streamflow:

Baldhill Creek, Dazey: Creek stage, 7.31 feet; streamflow, 126 CFS.

James River, Grace City: River stage, 4.87 feet; streamflow, 30 CFS.

James River, Jamestown: River stage, 6.05 feet; streamflow, 487 CFS.

Pipestem Creek, Pingree: Creek stage, 5.25 feet; streamflow, 33 CFS.

Red River, Fargo: River stage, 17.79 feet; streamflow, 3,820 CFS.

Sheyenne River, Valley City: River stage, 6.55 feet.

Numbers to know:

N.D. Game & Fish Department, main Bismarck office: 328-6300; website: (

N.D. Game & Fish Department, Jamestown office: 253-6480.

RAP, Report All Poachers: (800) 472-2121 or (701) 328-9921.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Bismarck, website: (