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Howard wins summertime shoot

Darryl Howard of Bismarck won the Hi-Over-All Trophy at the Buffalo City Gun Club’s Annual Summertime Coin Shoot.

Howard connected on 380 of his 400 shots in the event, including a first-place effort in Class A doubles with a mark of 97.

Todd Wendel of Sanborn, N.D., won the Class A 16-yard singles division Event 1 and 2 with matching scores of 99. Wendel also won the handicap medium shot, with a score of 85 on yardages of 23.5 yards.

Jamestown winners included Jim Schumacher Sr. (16-yard singles, Class B); Dave Greenwood (Doubles, Class B) and Dennis Bredahl (Doubles, Class C).

Buffalo City Gun Club

Annual Summertime Coin Shoot

July 12

Event 1 (16-yard singles; 26 entries)

Class Name   Score

A Todd Wendel  99 

B Jim Schumacher Sr.  98

C Matthew Knutson  99

D Jaycee Howard  95

Event 2 (16-yard singles; 25 entries)

Class Name  Score

A Wendel  99

B Duane Radeck  98

C Alvin Schauer  96

D Brad Gilbertson  90

Event 3 (Handicap; 20 entries)

Class Name      Yards     Score

Short Alex Krick      21.5       92

Medium Wendel      23.5       85

Long Brian Larson      25.5       91

Event 4 (Doubles; 17 entries)

Class Name  Score

A Darryl Howard  97

B Dave Greenwood  92

C Dennis Bredahl  92

Hi-Over-All Trophy

Name Score

Howard 380x400

Buffalo Builders take top spot

Darel Wegner’s Buffalo Builders posted a score of 23 to win the week in the Stutsman County Fishing League.

The Builders solidified their hold on the No. 2 spot for the campaign with just two weeks remaining.

Third-place The Outlaws, with Dustin Mittleider at sheriff, was third for the week at 18. Commanding season-leader Team Ranger and captain Casey Dodgson was third with 17.

Perry Fink’s Lucky Horseshoes were also in double figures with 11 in fishing held at Jamestown Reservoir.

Stutsman County Fishing League

July 15 results

Team (captain) Week  Over.

Team Ranger (Casey Dodgson) 17  179

Buffalo Builders (Darel Wegner) 23  149

The Outlaws (Dustin Mittleider) 18  140

Englund United (Jim Englund) 2  90

The Snaggers (Jason Mittleider) 0  75

Lucky Horseshoe (Perry Fink) 11  69

Team Lund (Greg Earnest) 0  67

Professional Hookers (Ben Maulding) 2  67

Team Elmer (Shawn Caulfield) 4  61

Team Tracker (Dion Schlenker) 2  58

Stan’s Bait & Tackle (Ryan Krueger) 2  51