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Team Ranger secures season title

Team Ranger held on to win the Stutsman County Fishing League this week.

Casey Dodgson’s crew scored a 23, which tied for second for the week. However, Ranger ran away with the team competition, with a 202.

Darel Wegner’s Buffalo Builders won the week with a 24 and finished second (173), outlasting Dustin Mittleider’s The Outlaws by 10 overall points. The Outlaws also had a 23 this week.

The end of the year tournament starts next week at the Jamestown Reservoir.

Stutsman County Fishing League

 Week Total

Team Ranger 23  202

Buffalo Builders 24  173

The Outlaws 23  163

Englund United 7  97

The Snaggers 10  85

Team Lund 12  79

Team Elmer 18  79

Lucky Horseshoe 9  78

Professional Hookers 2  69

Stan’ss Bait 16  67

Team Tracker 6  64