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Rare sighting in SD as bull moose wanders into wheat field

A moose was spotted Tuesday morning near Kennebec. (Submitted photo)

KENNEBEC — This is no bull. There was a bull moose in South Dakota.

Steve Halverson, 52, of Kennebec, spotted a moose Tuesday wandering through central South Dakota.

Dale Gates — a South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department regional conservation officer — said he's aware of the moose's visit and called it an anomaly.

"Occasionally, moose just go wandering and get into places they aren't usually seen," he said. "On average, we get two or three per year in the central part of South Dakota."

Halverson said the moose marched through a wheat stubble field, a tree belt and a food plot when it was spotted.

"He was headed south and is probably somewhere in Tripp County by now," Halverson said.

This is the second straight year Halverson has heard of a moose cruising around near Kennebec. Though, in 32 years of farming in the Lyman County area, it's been extremely rare to see moose, he said.

Gates said it is illegal to hunt moose in South Dakota, but the species is definitely "fun to watch."