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Maple River honors awarded

The Maple Valley boys and girls basketball teams swept the Maple River Conference team championships this season. Conference coaches also vote to select the all-conference players, which included three players each from the Maple Valley boys and girls teams.

Maple River All-Conference                            Basketball Selections


Rylee Nudell, Megan Kaswoski and Abbit Tinjum, Maple Valley; Megan Johnson Kelsey Laufenberg and Kaylee Johnson, Enderlin; Calby Hanson and Kayla Scott, BCN; Lexi Archer and Jordynn Post, F-S-H-P; Erin McDonald, Bree Olson and Paige Verwest, Northern Cass.


James Richman, Brady Behm and Riggs Nudell, Maple Valley; Daniel Lindgren, Graham Hurlburt and Jared Kittelson, Enderlin; Cody Springer, Hunter Ward and Taylor Kyllo, Northern Cass; TJ Steckler and David Undem, BCN; Lucas Montag and Ethan Brown, F-S-H-P.