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Breathers not allowed

It wasn’t that long ago that the end of November and early December allowed for a brief breather.

It was never slow, but there were a few days where it wasn’t madness.

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Those days are long gone, and appear never to be retrieved, unfortunately.

It’s kind of like Christmas shopping. Now, the insanity ensues Thanksgiving night, while the food is still settling in my ever-growing mid-section.

The people that shop on Thanksgiving night are pros. Not only must they power through a mass of humanity, but clearly the turkey’s tryptophan has no effect.

That’s kind of like the winter schedule, which nowadays starts in mid-October with college basketball games galore. We’re thankful for helpful coaches, without them, come March (the sixth month of the season) we may need hoop-detox.

These long months are made more tolerable by winning, not just with the Jimmies and Blue Jays, but pro teams.

Of course, we get no help up here on that front.

The Twins signing of pitcher Ricky Nolasco was trumpeted by Twins Cities media as a massive acquisition. It’s not insignificant, but now my loss projection for the Twins has dropped from 98 to 92 in 2014. It helps, but another compelling drama to stay out of the American League Central division cellar still beckons.

The Wild will probably make the NHL playoffs, but barely. Vikings? Timberwolves? There’s always next year, I guess.

Does any other region have four pro teams more irrelevant? I was thinking about that the other day and couldn’t come up with any.

So, we’ll cover the heck out of the Blue Jays, Jimmies and our area Class B teams.

Whether the winter yields any state championships only time will tell, but we’ll be there win, lose or draw.

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