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Fox: Broncos ‘awful’ in SB

NDIANAPOLIS — Sure, Denver Broncos coach John Fox is dealing with the expected frustration after his team lost the Super Bowl by a lopsided margin.

However, 18 days after the humbling 43-8 shellacking against the Seattle Seahawks, he wasn't moping about what contributed to the result.

"As you look back, get a chance to look at the tape and expound on that, I think we're capable of playing better," Fox said. "Not taking anything away from them, they had a lot to do with it. It was disappointing that we didn't play better. ...

"It's a team thing, and they had something to do with it. Give them credit. We were just awful. I think we could have executed better. But (the Seahawks) had a little to do with that. And they did that against New Orleans twice. That's a pretty good outfit."

One area of internal consternation revolved around the Broncos' short kickoff to Percy Harvin to open the second half, which the Seahawks speedster fielded on the bounce and returned 87 yards for the touchdown that effectively ended Denver's hopes of a comeback.

Fox said the kickoff was intentionally pooched. The ball bounced at the 13-yard line but went straight up, allowing Harvin to get under the football and immediately sprint forward.