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Getting Wrigley Ready For Cubs Home Opener No Easy Task


MLB Team Report - Chicago Cubs - INSIDE PITCH

CHICAGO -- The winds howled from the west at 23 miles per hour and wind chills hovered below freezing Friday afternoon as the Chicago Cubs opened their 2014 home season with a 7-2 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies.

But the field looked in very good shape, with new grass and even a touch of softness on the infield dirt as fans gathered to kick off the centennial celebration ofWrigley Field.

But getting the field ready was no easy task.

"It wasn't a lot of fun, it was difficult," said Carl Rice, the Cubs vice president of ballpark operations. "Three weeks ago there was three feet of snow in right field that we had to remove so we had to get rid of the snow."

Rice's crews then used hot air blowing under tarps to thaw out the field and also caught a break as weather improved last week.

"We know we're okay down to 18 inches," Rice said. "We got lucky there for a few days last week to get some warmth to get the field prepared. But it's still going to be a challenge. We need spring to show up in Chicago."