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One for the thumb

It’s been about two decades, but in what could be his last campaign Tim Duncan has rewritten the books.

The last time a big man played like this Michael Jordan was riding the bus and struggling as an outfielder.

With the love of hockey in North Dakota it’s easy to dismiss greatness, but it’s important to take note. That way, you can tell your children a story about the fall of South Beach.

Growing up a student and fan of the game, I was able to witness not one, not two, but three three-peats. M.J. and Pippen, M.J. Pippen and the Worm, and finally Kobe and Shaq. (Throw Horace Grant and Will Purdue in there for good measure).

But with age, you finally realize such delusions are just that, a dream that feels as perfect as the last second shot in your driveway. Nothing but net on the Huffy hoop and dad grilling in the garage.

San Antonio has captured that feeling. I could extol countless words on the wonder of the Spurs.

The NBA has changed before the eyes of people willing to watch this year’s Finals.

The Spurs cultivate culture. Where else but the World Cup would a Frenchman and Argentinian be able to rally around a big man who loves fundamentals?

Twelve years, five titles and an ever growing respect for “the team.”

Gregg Popovich said his players got over themselves a long time ago. There are no egos left in San Antonio. There is simply no room on a team that believes in respect and corner threes.

With Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili riding off into the sunset, other stars have emerged. Kawhi Leonard and Patty Mills will hopefully provide something I can tell my future children about in 20 years.

When the Spurs won their first title I was still in middle school.

The Spurs have no goons, no bruisers or drug abusers. No criminal records, just room on the hand for one more ring that fits on the thumb.

With Leonard getting his Bill Russell MVP trophy the guard has officially changed, but it’s OK to look back into the sunset. It was one heck of a ride.

Rodgers is a former writer at the Jamestown Sun